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Friday, July 20, 2007

Mr. Singer. What an appropriate name for a man who can't shut up.

Such a wonderful day. It comes but twice enough. Not often enough. But payday is a welcome visitor in my home. I let payday warm it's feet by the fire, empty my cellar of it's finest foods and make it a fine meal. I treat Payday well. And Payday, has the good grace to occasionally return the favor. Today is such a day. Payday woke me this morning.

"Well hello payday! Sure looks like a sunshiney day!"


And so I hope out of bed and Payday treats me well when I arrive at my alloted mind-destroying shift. Such a bountiful gift of cash it bestows to me. Shining coins, quivering green papers that I can spend and use. Beautiful jewels from the land of rich Uncle Sam, handing out his stingy dividends for a hard day's work.

Such a wondrous day.
Even better is that due to Mike being out of town for a whole week, I got a hell of a lot more hours, and thus my paycheck was mighty bloated. Like a queen termite. Ripe as shit. I dare say, if Mike were out of town more often, I could make quite a hefty mint. But alas, then I'd have to time to work on my "cartoons".

My collection of "Scary films that aren't technically Horror" is coming along quite nicely. Session 9, Memento, Frantic, The Machinist, Stay, Jacob's Ladder, Deja Vu, Vertigo, The Hannibal Quadrilogy and others. That's one thing I will say I do love about my job. Cheap cheap movies.

Which reminds me. Being an employee at a video store means I can rent free movies every week. This week that lucky film is the French computer animated scifi film "Renaissance" which according to my friend and new manager, is incredible.

Hey, Jon Lovits beat up Andy Dick. Lovitz wins the fight! +50 to awesome points! +30 to Andy Dick Sucks points! Lovitz level of awesome is beyond game restrictions! You win the prize!

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" is out. Looks like the final nail in the coffin for Kevin James' movie career. Which is a shame cause he's alot funnier than most modern comedians. Apparently the films is absolutely terrible in every way. Which I assume is why each time they make a new trailer for it, they show the exact same clips but in a different order. The Director is the man behind "Saving Silverman"
Now look. I love silly raunchy comedies. I laughed very hard at 40 Year Old Virgin, and I think "Grandma's Boy" is the best straight-to-dvd comedy ever. It's hilarious.

But Saving Silverman is one of the worst films I ever saw. I still remember it too. "Hey it has Jack Black in it! Holy crap Steve Zahn! This must be awesome"
I laughed once through the entire thing. I remember sitting there thinking "oh boi i bet dem funny jokes will happen any moment now!" and they never came. Basically the movie was about Jason Biggs getting a horrible bitch for a girlfriend and his two buddies trying to separate the two of them. Noone else laughed in the theater ever. It was very quiet and depressing.
"Teen comedy films" are rarely great, but I can usually get a cheap laugh out of them. But Silverman was just......nothing. :[
It made me sad inside.

Anyway, art time. Here's a mushroom drawing I made for a little kid out of kindness, who now bugs me nearly every day to draw him more stuff. That'll teach me to do favors!

And here's a drawing of an evil monkey that I made for a friend of mine's cartoon. As you can see, it has almost the exact same face as the evil mushroom.

Anyway time to listen to some music and chill a bit.

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