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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Who is the cat with the beak?

Time to get over my sad state of mopiness.

And so.

It's time to steer this blog o' mine out of smelly poop farts from a butt land and back into mildly cheery cynical talking about crap land.

And so tonight I bring you.........MONSTERS

I decided to draw some classic b-movie monsters. What fun! And quite relaxing all at the same time.

So here they are.

This first one is a drawing of Reptilicus. One of the worst movies it has ever been my misfortune to see. But it's so bad, it becomes hilarious.

I for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Who knows what evil lurks deep beneath the waves?

Jinkies! There's a ghost sea captain haunting the amusement park! Let's split up, Gang!

Oh snap. A ghost! Where's that drunk, Pacman, when you need him?

Sprite's Sublymonal website sucks balls. They give you a set number of premade clips of the commercial they've been airing as of late, and that's it. Reorganize them. BEST ONE WINS A PRIZE LOL.
Crap in a can.
I thought it was going to be more along the lines of "make your own sublymonal ad"

Ads as of late are getting more creative. Like that new Scion XD commercial with the "Little Deviants" which is odd. Mainly because the Deviants all look like each other just like how the sheeple look all like each other. Why is this? Is it a subtle jab by someone on the ad staff to show that even if you get the XD you can still be just like everyone else and not really unique? I dont know. The website is fun as hell though. It's very violent too.
Scion seem to know what they are doing. Their commercials are all quite stylish. And then there's that whole "Good to be Square" interactive game website they made.

And now, for no reason in particular, a bear tearing a member of the KKK in half.


Ray said...

that bear picture is awesome, put it on a tshirt :)

BrickHorse said...

I'd buy a t-shirt with any one of those drawings on it :)

Gene Fowler said...

killer art bro.. you workin with us yet or what?!