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Friday, July 06, 2007


You'd think after entering so many contests and competitions by now that I would have learned my lesson. So, not doing well at the Ilaugh contest was kind of expected. Although I think this contest in particular is the first one in a while that part of me was convinced I stood some sort of chance. Nope. The problem with these things is that no matter how hard I try to keep myself from getting my hopes up, they do, and then after the contest is over, I feel like shit. And yet, I keep fucking entering these things. WHY? At least my crappy cartoon won me 1000 bucks. HaHA. Let's see how long til the loan companies suck that up eh?

I need to install something in my pc that makes it shut off each time I enter any kind of contest. Save me some trouble.

In slightly less depressing news, someone actually bought something from my Zazzle. It seems like all those hours I spent making new pieces of art and redrawing old pieces so that they could be nice large posters, worked. I mean sure, it's just one poster, but it's progress. Even the tiniest bit of progress is better than stagnation.

The only reason I do this crap is because I am trying to afford one of these. But as you can see, they cost roughly the same as a used vehicle.

At least now I can put "Joey's Bright Idea" on a few other websites now. Since it lost, noone has the rights to it except me. So I just need to fix it up and put it on AlbinoBlackSheep. Perhaps Newgrounds as well.

So I sit here now, eating some "cheez" on an old piece of wonderbread wondering what to do now. I suppose I shall continue cashiering at minimum wage for a few more years. I work full-time at this job, and my student loans are destroying my credit. Damn you Sally May. You utter bastards. I can't go to Canada and work for FatKat now. I don't have the moolah to get there, much less live there, or get back. So I am stuck here.
I've often wondered about becoming a Janitor. I do enjoy cleaning. I'd probably get paid more, AND as a plus, I wouldn't have to deal with rude demanding rich people asking me for films like "Shooter" over and over and over like broken records made of snobbishness and shriek.

Currently I am quite cheery about this whole situation. But then again, I just woke up and am still delirious from sleep. I have to got to work in a few minutes, but I'm sure once I get some coffee in me and have dealt with a few angry old women who enraged we don't have any "Bridge to Terabithia" in the store, the full impact of this will no doubt hit and oh such a wonderful day it shall be.

However, I am not letting this setback deter me from my current project. The bits and pieces I've posted on this blog for my latest flash are coming together. The cartoon is swimming along nicely. It has a named now. POLYPEPTIDE. Which fits it quite well. It will probably be done within the next month or so, if I'm lucky. I know how the cartoon ends now after debating inside my head for quite a while over all the possible ways it could finish. One thats funny, but not too sad, and conveys what I was trying to get across.

Speaking of cartoons, I managed (miraculously) to get The Birds and The Bees up on Youtube.

I am really quite pleased with how this cartoon came out. Anyway, the clock is ticking and it's time to go. I hope you enjoyed this terrible blog entry dripping with emo. DRIPPING.


David said...

Sorry about your losing. To answer your question, you enter the contests because there's still a chance, however slim, of winning. It's better to try and fail than to never have tried at all.

sparkpro said...

That's too bad but I agree with david you really should keep at and to be honest, you're definitely capable of making something much better than Joey's Bright Idea. Maybe if you found about that contest earlier...

As for the janitor thing it's not a bad idea. My father does janitorial work and he makes just as much if not more than the average guy with a briefcase, but he has been working for almost 15 years to get that kind of money but it's not like he started off with next to nothing.I guess it all depends on who you decide to work for.

Can't wait for POLYPEPTIDE.

BrickHorse said...

That sucks about your job :( I just started at staples and hopefully the pay is enough to keep me in college and whatnot. A new laptop would be nice too, but if college gobbles up money as expected, I won't be getting one for a while :(

On a lighter note, I've always <3 your Birds and Bees cartoon :)

R Wappin said...

That whole contest was a joke. The cartoon that actually WON the $25000 was terrible. :(

I didn't watch any of the other ones that came above you, but you were jipped.

Matthew said...

Keep your chin up. I know a few people in your situation and they are all okay. Hell, I was in a sad mood just like you the other day until I opened up my mail and found out that I MAY BE A WINNER IN THE PUBLISHER'S CLEARING HOUSE SWEEPSTAKES!

I'm gonna buy a print from your zazzle as soon as I go to the bank.