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Friday, August 10, 2007

See yah, space cowboy.

I decided to paint the main character of my new flash last night.

Blogger was down for "scheduled maintenance" so I couldn't post it.

According to my friend Rtil, one of my cartoons I submitted to the "Nicktoons Animation Festival" or "Nextoons" as its called now I believe, got shown on tv. I have no idea which one it is. But apparently this was sometime during July. Noone notified me, but apparently, the contest runners rarely notify anyone, due to all the chaos organizing everything.
If anyone saw my cartoon on tv, post in the comments and let me know. It'd be a real step forward if it did. It means I've achieved a non-internet accomplishment. And as internet accomplishments don't mean much in the real world, this would be a really really good thing.

I really need to stop drinking so much strawberry soda. It's messing with my head.

I get to close all the rest of the weekend. What fun. It's been one day and I'm already weary of dealing with the customers.


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