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Monday, August 06, 2007

Hit 'em again that critter aint dead!

Alot of great new restaurants are opening up all over my part of town. Its strange. Each time a good food place dies, a better one usually springs up in its place.

For example, one of my favorite sorta-cheap steak restaurants called Roadhouse closed down. It sat in a plaza with a pet store across the street from a Checkers. My father and I went there alot. We were shocked when we saw it closed down.
But then about a month ago, a new restaurant opened up in it's place. Five Guys Burgers and Fries. With some of the fattest juiciest burgers I ever did see. And you can put all sorts of toppings and shit on it.
Rio Bravo, a sloppy but lovely tex-mex restaurant closed down a while ago. And the plaza has been dead for a while. So finally they renovated it and recently opened up a lovely restaurant I'd never heard of called Chipotles. It's a burrito restaurant. And it kicks alot of ass. It utilizes a system where a line of employees builds your burrito according to what ingredients you want. Very similar to Tijuana Flats except you watch the burrito get made right in front of your face.
The best kind of burrito to get from there is the Fajita kind. The beans at Chipotles are OK but they are nowhere near as rich as the beans at Tijuana Flats. However, Chipotles does not dice their onions, and the Fajita burrito is full of onions and a few different kinds of peppers.
The two restaurants have their good points. Chipotles has more ingredients. Tijuana has better flavors. Both are good though. Both are exceptional.

Another restaurant near here I loved was HOPS. HOPS are still in other parts of town, but a bit too far away. I cant figure out why it closed down. It was always a popular place. And it was here for like 10 years. Great burger place. A bit on the pricey side, but always worth it. Why? Root Beer. Each Hops is also a mini-brewery. This mean home-made beer and home-made Root Beer. The best root beer ever. EVER. And they served it in a frozen frosty mug of justice.

Alas, that is gone now.


It's late at night, and late night Talk Shows are on. So I drew my favorites.

Hey everybody it's Monday night. You know what that means. It's time for HEADLINES.

Keep cool my babies. Keep cool.

I love these guys. Jay is corny as hell, but that's what makes him great. He's so old school.
And Conan is like a Fleischer rubber-limbed cartoon character brought to life.

They compliment each other quite well.

Update on Polypeptide Cartoon: Things going slowly. As I have said in the previous 10000 entries, these slow motion scenes are a BITCH.

With luck, I should have it done by the end of August. Probably before that though.

And now I'm going to get some music.

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sparkpro said...

A similar thing has been happening around here as well.

Years ago in the small city that I live in there were three movie theaters two of which weren't even a mile apart from each other, and in the next town over there was this huge drive in movie lot that my family and I went to all the time.

Eventually the drive in got closed down and a wal-mart was put there with a huge empty space in front of it. Then a Century 25 theater was built and with that there movie theaters in my town started closing due to lack of business. Soon all kinds of stores, restaurants, and even a hotel started popping up in what used be an empty lot.

Then those three theaters got torn down and got built upon. One became a Target, another became a restaurant called the Elephant bar that serves all kinds of food and has a bit of an African theme to it, and one currently one is being made into a church.