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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Spider pig! Spider pig! Does whatever a spider-pig does!

The time has come once again to visit the factory. The factory is not a place I am fond of. Actually the very thought of it makes me want to shit my pants in fear. It's been a very long time since I've driven past the place, been on that little road on the outskirts. Even longer still since I've stood in the shadow of the building itself. Its like a looming warning of how little control we as individuals have over the community and how the government affects it.
It started simply. Me and Mike enjoy giving ourselves a scare. We both enjoy horror films quite a bit. And me, mike, raphael and joey all enjoy trouncing around abandoned places. There's something beautiful about urban exploring. Especially when the urban area is deserted. There's websites devoted to urban exploring. Why? Because the inner city is beautiful. In the same way an ant hill is beautiful. It's humbling how mathematical and lovely man's structures are. And this love is what led us to the factory.
As a young man, when my mother or father drove me about town as they did errands, I'd see the factory. Smokestacks poking above the trees like fingers. Peeks at the structure through the bushes and fences separating it from the road.
So one day, out of need to see it up close, Mike and I decided to visit it. Why is it there? Who works there? What does it do? These questions are still unanswered. Hours of driving through the surrounding neighborhoods near it yielded no results, although it did allow us to see some very creepy assembly-line style houses that were nearly all identical in appearance. We drove up and down backroads with no streetlights to guide the way. Like shining a flashlight under water in the dark. Small secluded crops of houses surrounded by foliage and garbage. No lights on anywhere. These little houses popped out once you were close enough. We had left the boundaries of the neighborhoods. We were in a small maze of dirt roads on the far side of the factory somewhere. But we couldn't see it. And then, light. One single solitary streetlight.
At the far end of a sideroad it sat, like a lit match. We approached it, shedding the only secondary light source with our headlights. A chain link fence came up to greet us. But the door was open. A large white concrete pavement was a few feet away. A small office with lit windows, several large facilities, and steam billowing out everywhere. Smokestacks sending out murky material into the night sky. A small dark lake, like a retention pond to our left past the small lit office ahead. To the right, the pavement stretched on for a good 1500 feet at least. A few small attached buildings with no windows, but plenty of pipes adorning them, sat about. A large quantity of empty space. And then....several structures that looked like airplane hangars. One or two vehicles were hidden in the darkness past their large black rectangular entrances.
Mike and I stared at this in silence. We'd found it. How the employees get in and out. And it was wide open. Mike turned off the car. I opened the door. And then, from out of nowhere, came a massive black vehicle. Like a truck/jeep/atv sort of thing, it shot out from the distance and flew at us. Easily surpassing 60 miles an hour, it came. Me and Mike shat a brick each. Reverse! Turn turn! Go go go! Shit! Shit! Shit! We drove. This was a big vehicle. Military? Possibly. It was easily about 10-15 feet tall. Covered in lights. At least 10 pairs of headlights of different sizes all over the front. Several antennas. We drove like mad down the side road in the dark. I gaped out the back windshield. The vehicle was maybe 6 feet behind us. And just as we came out the sideroad, it stopped. Suddenly. Its tires gave a slight screech. And it sat there, half emerged from the darkness.

We visited again after that, although it was several weeks later. Not by car, but on foot. We crept from the gas station, over the road, past the bushes and up to the chain link fence on the other side of the sideroad near the employee entrance. Me Mike and Joey stood there often. Observing.

It claims to be a water treatment plant, but I've been to several of those and the Factory is no water treatment plant.
There was a time when we were planning on strapping a digital camcorder to a remote control car and sending it in as espionage, but that idea faded away.

Its been too long since we've been back. I think the time has come again to check the place out. I want to know what the Factory is. It's listed as a "ghost town" on the map. HOHOHO! Wonderful cover, there.

And now to ruin this storytime moment with a BIG FAT AD

As you can see I've added alot of new crap.

I am currently in progress of finishing up the slow motion parts of my cartoon. Once those excruciating little bits are done, and the speed is back to normal, then I can do the ending. I had an idea for an ending, then my good pal BigArmyBug, suggested a funnier ending.
However the other day I was struck with an ending that's perfect for this. Its funny, action packed, and is so out of nowhere, even M.Night Shyamalan would go "oh snap!"

Comic Con is over and my friend Rtil got to meet Craig McCracken and alot of other famous animators from tv and the internet. He wrote about it on his blog. It's a good read, considering alot of the stories coming out of the con this year seem to be bad or disappointing ones.


Well I'm done typing all this garbage.

and just so this blog post isn't a complete waste, here's a pic I made in like 10 minutes.


Anonymous said...

cool story, i too often enjoy the exploration of the desolate inner cities. (mostly because i live in the country, but what evs) I like the gallery, i think you should grab more stuff from your cartoons, (preferably the one you're working on) ummmm... i mean your zazzle gallery. also i would like to know what programs you use to create your artwork and stuff...

even though this will say anonymous, my ABS name is pretzelprizefighter.. you might recall my work. anyways... big fan, just wanted to comment. ALSO, you mentioned studen loans.. where did you go to school?
-cherry (ppf)

Sparkpro said...

Very interesting story. Perhaps if you befriended some meddling kids and a talking dog you could solve the mystery of the factory.

As for the Zazzle stuff, I really like the Gutz one but my irrational fear of online transactions stops me from buying it as a shirt.

Hope the cartoon turns out the way you want it to.

Anonymous said...

Ghost town ... silent hill ftw