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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What's worse, thinking you're being paranoid or knowing you should be?

Today, as usual for myself I had a sandwich for breakfast.
Despite my father losing his job, and about a million other terrible things that have happened in the last 24 hours, I woke up in a pretty good mood.
One nice thing, is that due to MADDEN 2008 being released, I don't have to wear my uniform to work today. Just a shirt with a sports team logo on it. Or a jersey. Either is good. This is good for me, because our uniforms suck ass and feel like sandpaper made of wasps.

So, being in a good mood, I made myself a tasty egg sandwich.
And then I thought, let me draw my favorite kinds of sandwiches.
They are all simple sandwiches anyone can make that require very little cooking. If any.

The most common sandwich to make is the egg sandwich. Years of cooking eggs has sharpened my egg-cooking skills to a fine point. Scrambling eggs takes longer sadly, so I dont make those as often. The trick is to scramble the egg as slowly as possible. The egg is so much more flavorful that way. It makes the egg the star, and not the mayo. You can put an omelette on a sandwich, but it usually doesnt taste too good. An omelette is a way to hide the flavor of egg with other ingredients, like salad dressing on salad.

The BLT is the god of sandwiches. Bacon, lettuce, tomato. It is a king. Its also very time consuming to make. It requires having bacon. It also requires frying the bacon. And it requires usually, quite a bit of bacon. A layer of moist lettuce, a layer of bacon, a layer of sliced tomato and a layer of mayo make this a very juicy and luscious (and rather unhealthy) sandwich. Its the kind of sandwich you just cant ruin. Even fast food places can make good BLT's.

The simplest and easiest sandwich to make, is also one of the tastiest. The classic cold cut sandwich. Whether it be ham, turkey, salami, roast beef, spam, horse or some other sliced meat byproduct, these things are always good. An american classic. Its so simple. Bread, meat, and cheese. However, mayo is often a catalyst for these things as well, due to it adding a moisture and saltiness that cheese sometimes cant provide. The problem is everyone uses American cheese. Which sucks. Its the blandest cheese in the world. Not even Kraft "singles" are as bland as American cheese. Cheddar, swiss, jack, colby, muenster, mozzarella. THOSE are cheeses. They are sharp, they are salty, and they are unique. Use them. Mayo is good as well. But if you really want to amplify your cold cut, you use mustard. Brown mustard works, but I'm talking about the bright yellow hot-dog mustard.

Another thing I like to add is horseradish. Horseradish is a root that is also a veggie and its extremely spicy when whipped into a goop. You can buy small viles of it at most grocery stores. Do NOT glop is on. Get out a small teaspoon sized glob, and lightly spread it across the cheese or the ham.
This will add a thunder to your sandwich. Horseradish is a lovely vegetable.
It will also clear out your sinuses very easily.
Sliced peppers are also good to add to this. Green pepper, bell pepper, jalapeno, chile, habanero. All will give your sandwich a kick AND give it a lovely crunchiness, that sometimes toast just cant provide. Onions work too.

And now, to spend a horrid boring day at work in a comfy t-shirt.


Matthew said...

I just had a scrambled egg sandwhich made to your specefications.

It was awesome.

Thank you.

Craig D said...

There was a local restaurant chnaih called "YOUR HOST" in Buffalo, NY back in the 'sixties.

On their children's menu they listed the "Mr. Peanut" sandwhich.

What was it, you ask?

Toasted white bread, peanutbutter and crisp bacon! Oh, how I loved these.

It might've been a tad unhealthy, though...