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Friday, August 24, 2007

For what? For a tin star! It's all for nothin, Will

I sit here listening to Venetian Snares and slightly dreading the end of this night. I've had four days off in a row. Thats an event that the stars need to be aligned just right to have occur. It's been enjoyable. Spending time with my father, getting work done on personal projects, annoying people to no end on the internet, hanging with my buddies, going to Clearwater to walk around and see the people.
Tomorrow that all comes to an end. Work starts again. Cashiering at the movie place. A hazardous job due to unfit old working conditions, sharp edges on everything, and old rich hags to deal with. I wish I were ghost a sometimes. So I could give these people a nice invisible punch in the back of the head each time they act like assholes.

For example the other day, some lady in a way-too-fancy business suit saunters in with her son who was howling up a storm. You'd think he was a toddler. But he looked 6 or 7. He grabs a playstation controller and then she walks past the whole line of customers up to manager Ben.

"he wants to buy this do we have to wait in line?"

Ben stops helping the person he's already helping and calmly responds "yes ma'am the line starts right over there" and he nods his head in that direction.

This woman's dry featureless face contorts into a scowl. "Well that's not very good customer service...telling me there's a line!" she snaps.

In my case, I probably would have told this woman off. Chances are the other managers would as well. But Ben, laid back and sarcastic, simply gives the woman a blank tired look and shrugs his shoulders, hands clasped. He says not a word. The woman after a moment realizes her asinine battle is over and sheepishly stands back in line.

It gets better. She's the last person in line. And just before she comes up to me or Mike she gets out of line. To grab something. Someone comes into the line and goes up to Mike. In the few minutes it takes to check this second person out, the businesswoman didnt return. Then just as Micheal hands the customer the bag of products, this lady gets back in the line area. She walks up to Mike who is done with his other customer and curtly says "Just so you know, I was in line first"

Mike says "It's ok" and continues to scan her movies. She goes "WHAT?" in an angry tone.

Mike grins, looks up, and says "You'll live"
And hands her her products. And silently she and her ugly child stalked out of the store.

Thats just one of so many incidents we have with these people. These rich assholes who were born with silver spoons in their mouths. I've been very patient with them the last year or so now. Keeping my mouth closed. But I see now why everyone else always argues with these people. They just have no patience for it anymore. And I've lost my patience for them as well.

I get to spend the next three days dealing with that crap.

But at least I got quite alot of work done over this sort pseudo holiday.

Cute eh? :)
I love working with this character.
And the Polypeptide cartoon he stars in draws ever closer to it's third, and final, and silliest act.
I cant wait 'til its finished.

It's the kind of project I can put on a demo reel. Send to film festivals. All that good stuff.

I almost wish I could work with this character again. But due to the ending it would completely wreck the continuity of it. He undergoes such a huge change at the end, it wont be the same animating him that way.

I almost feel a bit sad once the projects over. Although it will mean more down time.

In other news, I have found a beautiful piece of music in my wanderings. Its called Chesh. It's like some sort of crazy techno xylophone playing a watery tune. Its really fantastic. It's a song by Plaid I've never heard.
Looks like I have to hunt for the discography.
I have also rekindled my love of Chef Boy-ar-dee. That stuff still tastes the same as it did when I was a little kid. And by God, it is delicious. And cheap. Perfect meals for me.

Well time to listen to some more music and then perhaps lay down for a bit.


David said...

A word of advice for you, Zeeky:
Let the assholes get frustrated, but remain calm. They want you to be frustrated with them, and when they see that you're not, they get more frustrated. It's fun to watch.

NukeSpoon said...


I just found your blog.

I think I shall make an RSS feed for it, because I quite enjoy reading your ramblings.

Love and kisses,


Stephan said...

Thanks for the headsup man!
Like your witchdoc.vid.!