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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car.

Today I ate one of the tastiest things in my life. Years ago when life was a bit forgiving, I went with my family to a nice restaurant. The kind where everything costs $70 or more. The kind you go in a tuxedo to. The kind you dig out the old shoes in the closet, covered in dust and insects, to slip on your feet for. The sort of place, where it's dim as hell inside, people are playing instruments, and noone talks above a whisper. Boring places to eat, thats for sure. I'd rather eat at a loud noisy sports bar or local pub where people are chatting any day, then one of those stuffy restaurants. One thing, though about those places that they all have in common, is the perfected Fillet Mignon. Its usually about 100 bucks a pop, and it's like eating a holy entity from another universe. Salty, meaty, juicy, and tender. The steaks at these places are like nothing you can find anywhere else.
Or so I thought.
My father mentioned the other night about an article he had read about how steak restaurants make their steaks so good.
So, we decided to test it.
The cheapest steak Publix could offer, we shoved it into a shopping cart with a massive tank of "Kosher Salt" which is apparently the miracle ingredient for a perfect steak.

And it was. You cover every surface of the meat in this salt for an hour. The salt changes color, turns to liquid, dissolves the gristle, and soaks into the meat. Then you sprinkle some pepper on it, and broil it.

And that's it. The Kosher salt makes the steak taste nuts. Like fancy-eatery quality steak. It was mindblowing. A small cup of welch's passion fruit "juice" as a drink.

All in all, it only cost about 8 bucks. Not bad for such an over-the-top delicious meal.
But I go back to work tomorrow which means eating Subway sandwiches again.


Time again to post an update to my flash cartoon.

On another subject, my friend Rtil finished his new flash cartoon FREETOWN.
You can view it here

Another friend of mine, Andrew Kepple finished the latest in his hilarious series of sketch cartoons. Here.

I have a migraine right now that could table a baluga.


NukeSpoon said...

He has no arms.


David said...

He has never had arms.

Anyhoo, I'll have to remember that about steak. Good stuff to know.

Sorry to hear about the migraine.

sparkpro said...

I might try this, just one question.

After putting the salt on the steak do you just leave it out or do you put it in the refrigerator or some thing like that?

ZSL said...

Sparky McPro

just leave the meat out covered in salt. No refrigeration or anything needed. Just let it sit for an hour.