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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunny Day. Chasing the....CLOUDS AWAY!!


I took someone's shift tomorrow, but the good part is that due to my stealing of shift, I now have Saturday off. Which is great. Weekends pretty much suck balls all over.
It should be a pretty quiet week, due to nothing of value having come out on video. I mean the biggest title this week is that new Uwe Boll crap "Dead or Alive" so I can't imagine people rushing to the store to grab stuff.

You know I watch Fullmetal Alchemist? It's true I do. It's a shockingly good show. No filler episodes. Constant twists in each episode. Unique and deep characters. And a massive very well-written story.
Currently, cartoon network is showing like the 3rd-to-last episode of the series. The one where Edward realizes his world is the other dimension of World War II in our world. And then he gets killed at the end. And each time this episode comes along...I miss the next fucking episodes!
So by the time I come back to it, it's back to episode one AGAIN and I curse the heavens.

Not this time though. Oh not this time. I am going to see how this thing ends. And then I am going to watch the freaking movie finale that Mike has on DVD. And then I shall plop a pantload into my trousers, reach my hand into it, smear it all over the walls while cackling like a hyena.

Oh my yes.

It seems the ladyfish are in season. Or something. Because I haven't caught a catfish in like months. Mike caught a decent-sized one last night. Tiffany took a picture of it.

Mike is the guy holding the fish. I'm the large fellow on the right making some sort of weird spaz face. Tiffany is the one holding the camera. The shiney fellow is a Ladyfish whom we named Roger. After filing his taxes for him, we flung him back into the sea.

I finished my Bioshock fanart painting as well.

Definitely alot better than my Zergling fanart painting from months ago.


Cherri Roca said...

its not really a 'painting' is it? with like paint and brushes and such? what is it... REALLY?

Anonymous said...

digital painting? masterpiece? awe-inspiring, life-changing visual orgasm?? take your pick.

PowerRangerYELLOW said...

I watch full metal alchemist too. Ya know we should try alchemy sometime. You could get a neat a metal arm and i can be a living suit of armor that doesn't age.

As you know we canucks get the same animes as cartoon network does but a lot of them end up on ytv such as naruto and innuyasha for example.

peace and love my lizard brother.


sparkpro said...

I never got into Fullmetal Alchemist simply because its one of those animes that if you haven't watched since the first episode than you won't know whats going on and I just never made the effort to do so.

Although I did watch the last episode out of curiosity. I do this with almost every show that has finite amount of episodes even with reality tv shows sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You should animate maxwell's silver hammer.