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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The signal in the sky-oh! That's when you know that you have to fly-oh! LETS GO!

You know, there's few things more comforting than pleasing a parent. From the day we are born onto this vile ball of shit, we spend immeasurable amounts of time destroying our own chances to be happy simply to please our parents. But why? Why do we spend countless hours destroying time we could spend being happy for one short moment of pride? Is it because of that same desperate need of acceptance that plagues us all?

Tonight I got to go through something most people who still have parents are forced to live through. The old "things have gone to shit and it's your fault" speech.
Happily, mine also coincides with the bi-annual "I have nothing to be proud of you about" speech.

Having listened to this multiple times, one becomes pretty unaffected by it.

But it's aggravating especially when this comes up right after the subtle mention that I got mentioned on a popular cartoon website (ie ColdHardFlash).
Which only goes to prove, yet again, that no matter how badly I might want it to, an internet accomplishment isn't really an accomplishment at all.

Noone in the real world cares about podcasts, flash cartoons, and all that stuff. The internet is the only haven for such things. And nothing can be made off of it. So it remains only a glorified hobby than anything extensive or useful or entertaining to more than a few people wandering the vast caverns of the online world.

It begs the ultimate question "when i eventually lose my passion for cartoons and fade into obscurity, will anyone care?"

If it's not entirely obvious by my long winded emo speech up there, I'm in a bad mood. My one day off in a while, and it's ruined by stupid life crappola.

I fear I may end up enjoying being at my horrendous cashier job, if only because while I'm there I don't have to deal with any of the aggravating things that make all my off-time so irritating and dumbfounding.

It's September now. I turn a year older this month. So I will be 22.
Ooh boy.

But you people don't come here because you want to know what my life is like. Blogs aren't for such silly things.

You are here for the art, no?
Well here's some.

I'm no great artist, but if you honestly can't tell what game that's from, then you are living under a much smaller rock than I.

It's not done. But I think it's progressing well. It's got more detail than anything I've ever digitally painted. And I've definitely put more work into this painting than any of my other digital images. It's roughly 30 layers in Paint Shop Pro 9 right now.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that's what really matters. It's almost done. And it looks nice enough to be a portfolio piece. Which is good because I cant make a demo reel (slow pc, poor cartoons), so a portfolio is pretty much my only way of showing people what I can do as an artist.

Unless of course I take to street performing by painting murals on sidewalks like Burt from Mary Poppins.
Graffiti is always fun.

Oh yes.
And one final note: never leave deodorant in a glove compartment. Not only does it melt, but it turns into a sickening oatmeal-esque substance that sticks and smears to EVERYTHING.

I got to clean deodorant glop out of the front half of my car today. I should have known better. This is florida after all. Everything melts here. Especially the people.

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back and forth
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Aaron Simpson said...

hang in there, dude. your work rocks.


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks cool. Could you post a slightly taller version I could use as a desktop background, pretty please? Or would that cause a loss of image quality?

Anonymous said...

Keep up, man. Your work is great. Love the painting, too. the detail is awesome.

...Doctor Steel is good stuff, by the way.

Ken said...

dude, follow your heart, if you enjoy drawing and are interested in it, then do it! Whats stopping you? Why does the world want us to acomplish and succeed? I dont even understand those words! What the hell is success? Its not real man, but happiness is, and if you enjoy what your doing then your happy. so go forth and draw! Who cares if your poor at least you will have a lived a life doing what you enjoyed...

pant pant pant...

Hope i made sense