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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Everybody wants a water buffalo. Yours is fast but mine is slow.

I entered Created into a contest. Thats right. Despite trying to break the habit of entering contests that are clearly scams and only result in me wanting to stab myself with toothpicks for thinking I had a chance of winning in the first place.

But onto other things.

Today's eyesores are some funky scribbles I did of the most recognizable customers who come into the videostore. These people are in the store usually about once a day. They are always interesting to talk to.

This first guy is Flowerchild. We dont know his real name. He's a beefy motorcycle gang member with a thick grumbly southern accent. He looks like he could beat up an army. But he's very friendly and kindhearted. He's come up with nicknames for all the old employees and managers. I'm "Man" Mike is "Romeo" and Erica is "wildflower"
Les, one of our former managers, and a great guy was "Mr.Vacation" due to him being on vacation alot. Tina was "Miz Devotion" because she was at the store every day. James was "Abe Lincoln" because of his crazy beard.
He rents terrible scifi films. Him and I share a sick obsession with B Movies and enjoy talking about just how bad they are.

This elderly lady is a joy. She's in the store very often. Never to rent but to buy movies. She seems like a grumpy gus, but she has a very sharp wit, and enjoys movies that make the audience think. In all the time she has come into the store, she's never rented a mainstream film. Often, if she doesn't understand something, she'll ask me about my own theories on the subject.

This guy works at the university. He records books on tape for people. He looks like a bald Bruce Campbell. He's a nice guy, but sarcastic to an extreme. As is his wife. The two of them dont like anything and always make sure to tell me just how horrible a movie is in the funniest way possible. Like a real life Doctor Cox from "Scrubs"
He comes in pretty often, is an old friend of Mikes. I know he's in the store because he always spots me and either yells "YO NATE DOG" or silently sneaks up near me and gives me a spook.

I beat Bioshock at a friend's house the other night. I have to agree with IGN when they say, this marks why we need to ask more from game developers. Bioshock isnt just a game. Its like a big interactive movie. With a wonderful scifi storyline and crazy retro world it exists in.
In fact I love it so much, I'm resisting the urge to waste my time on a fancy painting of one of the deadly BIG DADDIES from the game.

Squaresville. I got it up on youtube. I also got it as an uber-high quality quicktime movie thanks to my friend Rtil. In a few days now he is going to unleash his new project onto the internet. A film he's been working on for about a year and half now. Freetown is his personal opus. Like my "Zeke" cartoon that will probably never get made. Unlike me, he's making his dream a reality. And I already got a chance to watch it! And it is indeed, a breathtaking short!

But you guys will have to wait a while until you get to see it!
I would laugh derisively in your face....except I dont know who I'm talking to.



David said...


On a serious note, I have faith in Created. That's one of my favorite of your animations.

Honkbarn said...

Very cool stuff man! I saw your short on CHF. Loved it.

Ramiro Olmos said...

Hey man congrats on the front page over at Cold Hard Flash. I've been digging your work since your Halloween short you submitted over at newgrounds. iwas going to ask you, how did you get such good quality to post on youtube?

Ramiro Olmos said...
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Anonymous said...

Your cartoons suck

Anonymous said...

Not as much as you!

Anonymous said...

(As in the guy that said that, not Zeeky)

Brain Dumper said...

I too am some random guy! I'm hear because of ABS and your awesome animations.

Not John McTyrefaceness said...

I'm John McTyrefaceness