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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This disport is so augmatic

She looks happy eh? In the future, all headaches will be cured this way. Astrolobotomies.

It's one again time for my bi-annual art dump.

Where I use my father's pc scanner to scan loads of old crap and then dump them here.

Except for that first thing. That red painting with the girl and the drill I did today.

Everything below it is sketches from my old sketchbook I had in college.

some little disney-esque elf brownie pixie leprechaun david the gnome reject

An earwig going after a Dustbunny and Bedbug. One of these days I'll scan all 300 Dustbunny comics and publish them in a tome called "A pile of unfunny crap" and charge people money to read them. I'LL BE AN INTERNET MILLIONAIRE.

Big lipped fish. I wanna smooth and color this guy. He's wonderful.

A parakoopa. And Marlon Brando reborn as a cockroach. It's like a Kafka story except with more slurring and violence.

"Blaaaarrrrgg!!!!" "tweeeeeet!!!"

This scared the shit out of BigArmyBug. I consider that an accomplishment!!!

This is a toy alien I have on the dashboard of my car

The rhinocerous lizard is native to northern parts of south kookamonga. They are known for getting into shenanigans and hijinks, and on the rare occasion, follies. They dine on weird black legged robot cylinder things that float ambiguously above them.

Polypeptide preliminary sketch. Anyone who reads this blog knows what he looks like now.

And this sad banana creature sits alone. Staring at you. WITH ITS BIG BANANA EYES. Frowning. WITH ITS BIG BANANA MOUTH. Sitting. WITH ITS BIG BANANA BUTT.

And I am out of things to type. Good day.


Anonymous said...


David said...

Wait... What does the dude in Polypeptide look like now?

Just kidding, of course. Good art dump.

Anonymous said...

Even your doodles are amazing. Why don't more people know about this blog??

Also, looks like you might get one of your newgrounds shirts printed, very nice.

R Wappin said...

I desire to read this "Dustbunnies" comic.