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Monday, November 12, 2007

Atom-celled, Jet propelled, Fighting monsters high in the sky.

Long Long ago, when Mentally Detached was making a new album, one of us (no idea who at this point anymore.) had the bright idea of decorating the inner sleeve of the album with more than just song lists. Thus making it look a bit cheerier and more professional.
As the few of you who bought the album may have guessed, that idea didn't happen. Mental makes the albums himself, printing, copying, the works. So it would have cost far too much.
So the pics never made it in.
Anyway, the point of this blabbery is that I still have the pics. And I figured, HEY, why not post them here seeing as I'm not doing anything with them.
They are very dark in color and I was trying to get a sort of alien fancifulness to them. And they are very weird.
And here they are:

The first pic is an homage to Experiment 04 which was the first music video I ever did for MD. Concept-wise I think it's probably my best avant-garde flash. And by using the word "avant-garde" I dont have to use the term "pulling random ideas out of my ass"

The second page was going to feature this. Some sort of begoggled carrot-nose octopus man. Honest to God, I don't know what I'm drawing like 80% of the time.

Some sort of fanged tapeworm writhing through some geometric intestines. Look how happy it is though. He's so happy to eat the cheaply drawn vector line tool flesh.

And a dart-board happy face thing. I dont think I had any idea for this one.
Although overall, I was trying to keep the whole batch of them with dark red, dark green, black and yellow. To ensure the lyrics, in white, would be visible against the picture.

Me and Mentally-Detached met when, not long after I started submitting my films to, he messaged me out of nowhere, something about bleh I don't remember. Either way he eventually mentioned he made music, and I begged to hear it (as I'm very much an obscure music collector), and he showed me a small folder online where he had been putting music. They were called Experiments, because thats what they were. I think he used "Reason" to make them.
Either way, they were very pretty and I loved them. I asked him politely if he would mind if I animated to the one of them. He didn't mind, so overnight I made the first 30 seconds or so of Experiment04.

And thus started a legendary partnership that continues to this day.
Polypeptide, which should be done somewhere in the next decade or so, features music by MD and RedMongoose.

Speaking of, during halloween Redmongoose finished a compilation album of spooky music.
Here it is on Megaupload
Here is as a .rar with 7 more tracks of music
And if neither of the first two links should work, here it is on the Friend Society

Yes its techno-y halloween music made by various independent net musicians, audio portal people, and a few flash cartoonists. I even have a song on it I made.

I probably should have linked to this during halloween as opposed to 12 days after halloween. OH WELL LOL.

But hey it's free. Free music's always a good thing right?


Ratatouille is out on DVD. "You're Friend the Rat" is wonderful. It makes me pine even more that one day Pixar will make a 2d animated feature. Seeing the directions Disney has been headed as of lately, I think it's very possible it could happen.

Anyway, I have the next 3 days off of work. Plenty of that time is going to be spent finishing this damnable scene in Polypeptide. It's so close to finished now. SO DISGUSTINGLY CLOSE.
That scene is.
Once its done I'll still have 2 more scenes to do. But they will be short. Somewhat. As they make up the finale of the story.

In my last blog entry I mentioned that I was painting a munny. So there's a so-blurry-you-can-barely-see-it update on my work on it thus far.

I am coloring it with marker, so I'm probably going to have to spray fixative on it afterwards.

There's a movie on Cartoon Network right now. It's a KIDS NEXT DOOR movie called Operation Z.E.R.O.
And good god, it kicks ass. Action packed. And the production values are incredible. What the heck! I can see why they canceled the show. It must have cost a fortune. What a shame what a shame.


David said...

That picture is blurred like every image of bigfoot. How can we be sure that's a munny that you're painting? What if it' bigfoot? Hmm?

Sparkpro said...

The action scenes in KND are really good and the story arc they have going on right now has me interested.

What do you think of Chowder so far?
I think it's pretty good.

[jeRemias] said...

hey, i really enjoy your song!
where i can lisen more, if you have done some more?

Andrew said...

ooOOoo, looks kind of like Invader Zim.

And that album was great... lots of slow eerie spooky music, your song was one of the catchiest though.