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Thursday, November 15, 2007


I get to close the rest of the week.

This is a pretty useless post, so I might as well answer a couple of questions:

In my last blog post someone asked what I thought of CHOWDER the new cartoon on Cartoon Network.
When the show premiered they played the first 4 episodes. I thought it was wonderful. A good return to form for Cartoon Network. As opposed to premiering yet another hideous Disney-Channel-wannabe live action attempt at a wacky sitcom, they actually let someone make them a new funny cartoon show. And its great. The characters are cute, its funny. And the animation, surprisingly, is dynamic and fun.
I hope it stays on t.v. for a long time. Although seeing as the awesome "EL TIGRE" just got canceled for almost no reason at all, I dont think Chowder's future looks too bright. Then again, Nickelodeon never advertised El Tigre much. Cartoon Network has billboards and ads for Chowder everywhere. So getting good ratings shouldnt be a problem for them. A friend of mine who went to ComiCon and met Craig McCracken and a bunch of others informs me Chowder is made in flash. If it is, sweet. Cause it looks traditionally animated.

Next subject,

In my last post I posted some links to a halloween spooky music album I contributed to. Someone apparently liked my song. And that same someone wanted to know if I've made any other music.

The answer is yes, I have. Long ago I got a copy of FruityLoops from a friend and played around with it for a year and a half or so. I've been meaning to reinstall it. The problem is, I have all these songs in my head, but a midi sequencer isnt exactly the best tool in the world for what I want to compose. So what little music I have made is....well.....atrocious. Its mostly covers of old video game music that I played around with. If you really want to hear it, you'll have to look it up on newgrounds. But believe me.....that song I put on the halloween the only decent song I ever put together. Other than the theme song to my Squaresville cartoon.
Just a forwarning. If you look for my other music, I am not liable for you going deaf, dying, or having your retinas detach. You should not listen to my music if you are overweight, pregnant, epileptic, mentally-challenged, or smell like ham.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Here's a neat little animated music video you might like:

Not such a great song, but the animation is stylish.

ZSL said...

that's been on my youtube favorites since it came out, anonymous

i like TMBG quite a bit

[jeRemias] said...

mmm yes, the sp00ky song are the best, at least for me. Perfectly it can be the credit song for "The Grim Adventures of Billy y Mandy".
well, since i heard the s00ky album, i begin to experiment and learn about synthesizer and sequencers, and i have to agree whit you, there aren´t the best way, but the finish product is of great quality, sounds really clean. so, mmmm there are a good tool for make the soundband for our shorts.
sorry for the crappy english a good bye