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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thorg Hungry! Thorg want EAT!

There's alot of dirt trails in this town. Some created by the state for people who jog and ride their bikes at the crack of dawn to ensure their insanity, others from people who just needed a shortcut from point A to point B.
These trails go everywhere. From the seediest neighborhoods, to the high class housing near the beach. Some connect to the nice county-funded concrete trails that hook to the sidewalks and run along the road. Others simply go deep into the swamps and forests and pitter out into grass.
Some go into the tiny rural city parks that are flecked around, some cute through ghost towns that are full of expedited cats and possums.
This gives anyone who likes to hike, a lot of options where to go. Be it walking under the giant leaking watertower and ending up in Clearwater, or going into the dense peacock forest next to the Citrus Park shopping center and winding up on the other side of the county.
There's the creepy trails that lead through the backwoods of USF and curve around old sports fields noone uses.
There's the leafy trail in Lettuce Lake Park, packed with discarded mattresses and snakes.
And then there's the Forgotten Realms near State Road 54. Miles and Miles and MILES (words cant describe how huge) of untamed wilderness. Wild hogs rummaging around. And save for an occasional bulldozer, no signs of any human life or interaction.

Of course, the problem being that we've wandered in nearly every path there is to be had by this point. Wandered. Re-wandered. Retread all the paths. Seen most things there is to see.

Except near Downtown Tampa. A myriad small condensed jungle of shiney bright skyscrapers clashed amongst old dirty abandoned buildings barely half their height.
All around downtown, run down neighborhoods. Decrepit, rotting, falling apart, but beautiful. Quiet. Natural.
Is weird to see it. Overworked soil, covered in these large flat grimey houses that look so welcoming, and then in the center bursting out like a steel flower with windowed petals arises the downtown. The art museum (a wonderful hovel with almost no room for exhibits), and the Performing Arts Center.
The steel flower of the city is almost impossible to see unless you're 10 miles within it's vicinity. One single red cylindrical skyscraper pokes out from the side, like an unnatural pink growth in the silver.

One of the small neighborhoods on the outskirts of the flower, one of the grimey but beautiful ghettos, is...or was...Central Park Village.
It's dead right now. Everyone who didnt move out, has been forced out. leaving it cold, desolate, empty, and very quiet and lifeless. It seems the ample place for urban exploration, except their is little to explore. The asbestos removal and demolition companies have already started to steamroll some of the housing.
But its not all gone. Quite alot remains. The workers are behind schedule. You can walk down the empty roads and streets, on each side, flanked by the stone fence giving each cookie-cutter cube house its own tiny front yard. Each yard with a metal pole to hang a clothesline. No money for an electric dryer. No space for an electric dryer.

Some of the clotheslines remain. Some of the clothes remain as well. It's desolate. Garbage is in the streets, on the curbs, in the yards, dangling out the windows. Chairs, broken muddy toys, rotting furniture, shattered electronics, baskets and boxes full of candle holders, shelves, torn and dirty clothing, and pillows. All stained from being exposed to rain and mud with noone around to care for them, or even move them off the road. Not that it bothers anyone. There's noone there. Noone drives in those roads. The only people here are the workers who are cleaning it away. Developers are going to make Central Park Village "presentable" again. Like they did with Centro Ybor, and to a much lesser extent, Channelside.

On another note, I'm sure by now, most everyone has seen the trailer to Cloverfield. A movie about a monster. And even though the new trailer shows a quick scant view of the massive beast, its enough where the visual video experts of the internet have already managed to take it apart, analyze, and figure out what the monster looks like. Poor J.J.Abrahms. Ah well. It was a cheap tactic anyway, trying to hide the beast. People are gonna see it anyway whether they know what the monster looks like or not. Its a movie about a giant sea creature after all. It's going to draw crowds regardless.
To celebrate this cryptic slusho-drinking film, I took it upon myself to photoshop what I personally think the monster should be:

In unrelated news, another friend of mine whom I made a custom T-Shirt for, finally got it in the mail.
he wanted a cat saying NO

Time goes on and I am still waiting...waiting....ever waiting....for my tablet pc to arrive.
Considering its coming from miami (a meer 5 hours away) I would have figured it'd have been here by now. Perhaps tomorrow? Perhaps not? PERHAPS NEVER? RUM PUM PUMMMM.

Hey here's a question. Beowulf has been out for more than a week now. If you see it in 3d glasses o vision, you are treated to a lovely teaser for Coraline....apparently. However, its nowhere online. How has it not been uploaded by Laika Studios online yet? Or leaked online yet by some covert person with a cel phone camera to youtube?
Every night, Mrat and I search valiantly across the web trying to find it. Seeing if somesite...anysite....has it. And noone DOES! It's incredible! And what few sites that HAVE seen it are all crapping their shorts about how great it looks.

I wanna see it. :(


Haroshi said...

Damn, It sounds like there are some really beautiful parts of Florida to see.

Sparkpro said...

Might want to check if they got the right address is correct.

I once ordered something from Dell over the phone and because I didn't spell out everything they mistaken a the a letter T in my address for a P.

It took 3 weeks to get what I ordered and I had to correct them 3 separate times as well.

Not to mention they kept referring to me as Barbra Kidmores and constantly calling me if I received
my order.

Anonymous said...

oh no!! save me reptar!!