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Monday, December 31, 2007

Spare me this mockery of justice!

Not much too report.
I finally finished that cartoon I've been working on.

It's on Newgrounds, and in a few days a slightly improved version will be on albinoblacksheep.

It feels good to have it done.
Not much to report, really. I saw Sweeney Todd. I think it's a sign Tim Burton's been holding back, cause good lord. Was it ever violent and creepy. And not in the usual pseudo-cute Burton creepiness.

I also made a painting.

Trying out something different.

Doo be doo be doo.
Time to finish Polypeptide.
I've been working on it since April now, and it really needs to get finished.

I have discovered the joys of the game "Risk"
Been playing it every night with a few buddies of mine.

Today is the last day of the year. It started out extremely shitty, but it certainly has ended well. Well except that my student loan company want to damage my credit score due to their own incompetence. Isn't that lovely?
God I loathe them.

I need to find a way to see Persepolis. And Nocturna.

Although it'll probably be years until I even see either on DVD. Go fig.


Never eat the chili at Steak and Shake. It will make you shit blood, faint, and make your stomach cramp up into gaspingly painful spasms, and you wont be able to eat for like 2 days.
Just say no, to their Chili. It is a thing of the devil.



David said...

Congrats on finishing the 'toon!

Also, food poisoning is never fun... You should try to not get it.

Sparkpro said...

Nice job on the clown Cartoon.

Also, thanks for the tip, even though I avoid chili in all of its forms.

Haroshi said...

The Clown animation is brilliantly disturbing.

Oh yeah, I played Risk over the holidays as well.
I'm pretty crap at it though, being the first person to be defeated both times I played. :(

I blame Africa.