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Friday, January 04, 2008

Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

I am watching Conan right now. He's on the air again after being off for two months. By the looks of him he hasnt left the studio in those two months. He looks very messy and unkempt. He has a fluffy red beard now. He looks like a logger.

It's odd. Same old Conan though. Doing improv and yukkin' it up. Same old silliness. I'm glad he's back on the air. Cause there isn't shit worth watching at this time of night.

Oh I painted something tonight:

In entirely unrelated news, due to Cloverfield, J.J.Abrams new experiment in advertising, having gotten so wildly popular (with insane conspiracy theory websites and people making weekly journals exploring it). It's so overblown despite the fact most people, via little sleuthing (Abrams viral sites are not as clever as he wishes they were), most have figured out what the whole plot of the movie is. What there still has yet to be is any decent footage of the monster.

And judging by the hilarious fake monster footage videos on youtube, people are ripe for the duping. So I entered my own little Cloverfield Monster subtlety on the website tonight.

You gotta love Windows Movie Maker and how you can make absolute tripe in but mere minutes with it.
Hooked on da brothas da brothas da brothas.

A cold front has hit our warm little town. I've been wearing two pairs of socks lately. My car can barely turn on and the steering column keeps freezing. So once the car is on, in order to turn, I have to lurch my body sideways and twist with every ounce of strength to make the car go right or left.

Supposed to be warm tomorrow though. If not, than the weatherman is a despicable heaving sack full of the worst lies imaginable.

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David said...

Don't be hatin' on the cold!