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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To protect the world from devastation

Man what a crazy couple of days it has been.

First there's a MASSIVE thunderstorm blowing piles of trees over and leaves and twigs and crap all over my car. By the time the rain stops, the temperature has dropped to roughly 40 degrees (very cold for Florida). My steering wheel column freezes so I can barely turn it.
The Dark Knight trailer is finally ONLINE.
Pixar released a new trailer for Wal-E and dear god almighty it's cute. I dont know what I'm looking forward to more, Wal-E or Batman. WAL-E

I went to the mall, did some shopping, got my father a book of Ansel Adams photography for Christmas. Reluctantly got my mother Little Miss Sunshine on DVD for Christmas.

I worked quite a bit more on the clown cartoon that I've been posting wee updates to. I've decided to try animating on 2's for his body. I really need to stop animating on 1's period. It creates too much workload and makes things wiggle a bit too much.

Not much to post, really. I suppose I'll stick up some crummy painting of Santa as a mutant that I made

And just for the hell of it, here's some crappy things I doodled while I watched TV:

I rarely talk about videogames because honestly I dont play them as much anymore. Lack of time, and the ridiculous expense of consoles has prevented me from getting to play quite a few masterpieces. I played Bioshock at a friend's house.
All I have now is my DS.
Which is fine, because I can play my 30-something game boy advanced games on it.
But I'm babbling lots of crap, let me get to the point. I rented Mario Party for the DS. I have a love-hate relationship with the mario party games. I hated all the N64 ones (because they had unresponsive controls and were pretty ugly to look at) and of the gamecube versions, the only one I really liked was Mario Party 4. 5 was playable but 4 was the most fun for me. It was fast, they had trimmed the fat, and made it elegant.

Mario Party DS I rented...I must have played it for about 4 hours yesterday. It's really fun. It's like 4, except tiny. The graphics are better than the N64 versions (3d arenas, no giant jpegs pretending to be 3d), but are nowhere near as nice as the Gamecube. None of the games (thus far) are frustrating and all have simple controls that WORK.
Best of all, other than the Party games, Nintendo has included 5 extra puzzle games separate in the cartridge that are all very simple and clever and challenging.
I'd say its the best minigame-styled thing since Wario Ware (an unappreciated genius game).
I get the feeling I will be renting it quite often. Next thing I need to rent is Revenant Wings. But not for a good long while.

Anyway, I am famished and I am going to eat a delicious mango now.


Sparkpro said...

Hey, where are you renting DS games?

Haroshit said...

I can just imagine mutant santa climbing down my chimney...


David said...

I'd recommend not renting for a while, then use the saved up money to buy the game...