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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

There's no love in your violence.

dingle dingle


I am getting more used to using this tablet. I dont want to squeal like a giddy child...ah well...I'll squeal.


I love this doohicky.
Anyway, seeing as every blog post in the last few weeks has been me kissing this thing's shiny metal ass and I really need to write about something else.


I finally started christmas shopping. For my father, he is receiving "Breakfast in America" the album by Supertramp. It's one of the few classic rock albums he doesn't have.
My brother is getting a Best Buy giftcard because he already has everything. My mother probably wont be getting anything. >:/

With it being christmas time again, I think it's high time I look at some of the goodies being offered to spoiled children this year.

This is an interesting gadget. You take the floppy flesh of a bear, attack it to a tube, and fill it up with cotton guts. It's like your own tiny Re-Animator set.
The thing I like is the mechanics behind it. A lever, a winch, and a corkscrew, all working together to force a material into something else. How long til people start hiding their hash stash via this toy? I want to get one and fill my bear with fruit. I dont know why but I'd just love to see a bear full of fruit. Or even better, fill the bear until it explodes, and then upload it to youtube claiming I murdered a real baby bear. I'll be an e-celeb in no time!

Next is the MIO dog:

This is like...what...the 5th robot toy dog now? Why make them dogs? All the toy dogs do the same thing. Shit, the MIO doesn't hardly even look like a dog. It looks like.....wait a fucking minute!

Y HALO THAR. It looks just like the annoying violent robot dog from Milkchan.

Either way, boring. Why not make a robot dinosaur that does tricks? Or a toy robot octopus? Why a dog? The dog toys all do the same thing. They walk, crouch, come to you when you shout, and pick up an object, usually by squeezing their nubbly arms together like tweezers.

And because this is my blog and I'm a greedy bastard, I'm going to list things I'd enjoy receiving for christmas. Not really things I WANT because I got what I wanted a few weeks ago (tablet pc butt kissing again).
But if someone were to get be something, I'd like the box sets to the Powerpuff Girls, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Batman the Animated Series. Especially Batman. I want to watch the Joker, Batman, and Harley go at it again in nice DVD quality and not blurry shite youtube clip shenanigans.

Speaking of, I notice JibJab has not got two FREE (free!) versions of their STARRING YOU edited render thingies on their site.
So I made a couple with some of my favorite faces:

I hope those bring you warmth on this holiday season, as you shiver in front of your fireplace with the fire made out of ice, because you were foolish enough to tamper with time and space.



Haroshi said...

Merry Christmas.

Sparkpro said...

The way you drew that clown's head when it was coming towards the girl cracked me up.