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Saturday, January 12, 2008

You've Got Mail!

You know when AOL redesigned their whole website quite a few months ago, I assumed they were trying to modernize themselves so they could suck less balls and be faster and easy to use. Like yahoo. Or MSN.
And for a while there, YEAH, it was faster. AOL was actually fast for once. Everything was streamlined. It was great.
Of course, it didnt take long for that to wear off. The site is still redesigned, but it runs as slowly and poorly as it ever did.

For clarification, I dont use AOL as an internet service. I did up until about 3 years ago when I finally got cable. When I had AOL getting online was a chore. Dial-Up was about 56k which really means "12k" because AOL cant even deliver 56k of speed. At least not in florida.
However in the many years I DID use it, I of course had an email address. And its not like I'm just not gonna use it. It's a free email address. Free for how long? Who knows! As long as people keep getting duped into using AOL I suppose.

I'm not even gonna talk about them eating SingingFish again.

What perplexes me is how does AOL still exist?
How do people, with all the ads for better services bombarding them from tv and magazines and their friends, continue to pick up the free "40 Hours of Internets" aol CD's that litter the dumpsters in the back of many a PC store.

There's Amish people living on desert islands that have never been touched by the outside world who know, PURELY BY NATURAL INSTINCT, that AOL sucks.

Yet it continues to exist.
All those hideous flash ads that fly all over the screen each time you hit a button must really bring in the revenue.

I've been thinking lately that perhaps it's high time I make a website.
But websites cost money. What I'm thinking I might do, is do what Joel Veitch at did and turn this blogger thing INTO a website. It's easy to customize and do.
I just cant help get the feeling it'd be pointless. Because I'd still have to host everything somewhere. And I'd still have to buy a domain name. All which costs money.

I really dont want to have to rely on someone else. Last time I did that caused the GalactiGames fiasco which I dont feel like going through again.
And I'm not going to use Geocities are some other crappy 'maek ur oan web shite' powertools reject.

eh fuck it.
I dont need a website.


Matthew said...

Zekey my man, I can help you do it for free. Just follow the guide on my blog here . And I'll be more than happy to help my favorite flash artist out with any hosting or set up needs. Just e-mail me at

David said...

Hey, man. I found to be a good host. It's a free service, no forced ads, and the subdomain is still easy to type. There are 5GB of storage and 300GB monthly bandwidth. I have a site there, but it's not done, so all you can see is the one page that says it's under construction.

Oh, yeah, I still use Dreamweaver, though.

If anything, make the html files in a basic text editor and then upload that, because the one that they have sucks.

Jerry said...

I miss the days when AOL sent you a billion CDs.

Those were some pretty nice CD cases.

David said...

That is the truth. maybe that's why they're still in business...