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Thursday, January 17, 2008

And where do you live, Simon? I live in the weak and the wounded, Doc.

Today was my first day off in quite a while. Sadly I am working again tomorrow.

And seeing as I haven't done jack shit relating to art or drawing in a week and needed to do SOMETHING before I feel like going stir-crazy.

So today I made this. It's not done, obviously.

Sittin on a Bench

But today I have a story to tell.

As I may or may not have written before many months ago, Mike and I went fishing. We broke into an old abandoned blocked off dingy dock. In the process I managed to slam nearly an inch of sharp brittle wood into my finger. Causing harsh and blinding pain and lots of spurting bloods and fluids. Quite icky.
A pair of tweezers and a razor blade soon got most of the wood out. And days later the horrible scab became a wart. It hurt like a bitch whenever I used my pointer finger. The wart wouldnt go away. So I spent a weekly ritual of slicing it off only to have it grow back again. I could see a tiny black thing inside the warts but it never seemed to come off with the wart.

Eventually the warts stopped growing back. Other than scars on my pointer finger, everything was fine. No pain, no swelling. Months pass.
About a week ago the wart comes back. The pain comes back. I grabbed my dissection blade and took off the tiny epidermis on the wart. It deflated, filled mostly with pus. Except that something else came out. Something dark brown and slimey.

A tiny piece of wood. A piece that had been trapped inside my fingertip for months.

I stared at it for several minutes this morning. I almost contemplated putting i into a tiny ziplock bag, but in the end I tossed it.

Cloverfield is tomorrow. Lets all hope it doesn't suck.


Cloverfield was cool. Nothing special.

Thats what the monsters looked like. For those who dont like monster movies, I just saved you 8 bucks and 1 and a half hours.


David said...


I could have seen Cloverfield yesterday, it was pimpin'! Except for there were a bunch of people that were waiting there since hours before, and there was no room for me. At least they're sending new tickets... Have fun with the movie going experience!

Haroshi said...

wood = wart?

diamond38 said...

Nathan, please answer what film the cult quote "And where do you live, Simon? I live in the weak and the wounded, Doc." did you take from?

Anonymous said...

Session 9.

Unless I'm horrifically mistaken.