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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I know it was you, Fredo


Ah the Oscars, where awards are chosen by a team of people to go to things.

Fun to watch, thats for sure.
They just gave out the Oscar for best costume design to Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Considering the insane stuff they had Blanchett wearing in that film, I'm not surprised.
Jon Stewart is funny as usual. I'd love to see Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien get up on stage to try to fight him like they did on their shows but I know it wont happen.
George Clooney is on stage. He's talking like he's high on something. Some lovely montage is playing. Its not as cool as this year's Oscar intro, but it's still wonderful. Man I miss Billy Crystal I haven't seen him in a movie in forever.
Haha Affleck and Demon. The Titanic music is quite appropriate for this montage. Damn you Celine Dion and your catchy song. Heh an i-phone.
Oh god yes Steve Carrel. Why Anne Hathaway? Why art thou so hot? OH GOD YES THE ANIMATED FEATURES. He just said shit uncensored on tv.YES. Soon we will know which animation won the Oscar and will cause nonstop controversy on cartoon brew for the next month. Ratatouille won. Brad Bird giving a funny speech. He has a bald spot what the heck. Lawl.
If Norbit wins an Oscar for Makeup I will laugh much too hard. Yay the French film won! Whoa this lady has a lopsided eye.
Best Song time now. Amy Adams is singing! She's an angel.
Oh geez The Rock. Hehe. Special Effects Oscar goes to...the Golden Compass. Aww come on now. Just cause its a family film. Transformers should have won.
Art Direction goes to ... SWEENEY TODD YES!
Cate Blanchett is a pitt bull. Rofl.
Best Supporting Actor - No Country for Old Men Javier wins woohoo! Although Hal Holbrook was great this year as well.
Binoculars and Periscopes. Bad Dreams. Ah the laughter.
Some crazy pretty song from August Rush.
Wow Owen Wilson looks pretty good for someone who tried to kill himself about a month ago.
Bee Movie. Animated oscar goes to Peter and the Wolf. Barry the Bee is a creepy fuck.
Supporting Actress is now. Tilda Swinton won. She's like a crazy fairy giraffe. Ahhaha the Bat-Nipples. George's face.
Coen Brothers win screenplay. Alfred Molina :D
Ahhahah Seth Rogan.
Sound Editing goes to Bourne Ultimatum. It finally won something.
Lead Actress goes tooo.......french lady!
Oh Colin Farrel! You're so IRISH. Yay the song from Once.
What a lovely Best Picture montage.
Oh boy Best Picture! Who's it gonna be! Oh bloody hell. Its not Best Picture time yet. Wow the Bourne Ultimatum has won 2 obscure Oscars. Yay Robert Boyle!
Best Song goes to John Travolta's ENORMOUS HEAD OH GOD
Not but it actually goes to ONCE! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA!
Yay There will Be Blood won Best Score!
Daniel Day gets it for best actor. Good. But There Will Be Blood doesnt get best picture awww :C
But No Country for Old Men won so yay.


Now to watch people bitch about Ratatouille over on all the animation websites and pretend as if it were a bad film for the sake of argument (while they secretly watch it for the 10th time in the backround).

For those who give a shite.
Here's a quick little looping gif I made of one of the Extras in Polypeptide

Also I'm not entirely sure but I think Steve Carrel said "shit" on live TV and they forgot to blank it out. Yay controversy.
Honestly the Oscars are the only bit of "glamor" I bother to watch. I dont care about celebs except for the few comedians and decent actors I like. And anything I need to know about them is readily provided by IMDB.

Which reminds me I've been meaning to try to find an english dub of Noiseman Sound Insect. I don't think an english translation exists, though. Actually if anyone can find me it in english, that'd be great! Torrents or whatever are fine.
Subtitles are fine. I dont minds subs. I've found one torrent of it online but its not subtitled or dubbed and its 300 mb.
I just wanna see it uninterrupted. What chunks I've seen are gorgeous and inspiring.

UPDATE: I found noiseman dubbed in english thank god for the internet
Behold in english subtitles. The Weirdest Thing Ever.

now i'm going to post another screenshot of polypeptide

and the other day I felt like drawing some of the characters in Batman's rogue gallery. Some slight redesigns. I think it's pretty obvious who they're meant to be, though.


MRat said...

There Will be Blood didn't win for best score, you cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

It was Atonement.

That is MY award winning Oscar coverage.

Haroshi said...


Noiseman Sound Insect is insane.

HillyBillyMcgee said...

I just git fininshed wrappin me beatin stick round my chilrens, then i watched the oscars then the wifey was all upset at da site, and the wifey got on down and then i saws the wards, and I chewin on some grass comin on from da fields in da beck dere.

tja said...

are those your audios playing?

NukeSpoon said...

Top Class coverage of the Oscars, Mr ZS Lizard.

You really do seem to have a talent for art. Have you ever considered trying to work with Weebl and earn a bit of cash?

ZSL said...

I'd love to work with weebl. But he's a very quiet person, and I'm not going to invade his space begging for a job. He seems to enjoy his privacy.