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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Touch me again, you'll be chicken wings in the morning.

Tired tired tired. It's a good thing I got these days off. I am dead as a doornail.

Every night around 9 I am feeling exhausted. Like a freight train ran me over.
Even now as I type I am feeling sleepy as hell.

I could sleep right now.

I think my friends are all affected as well. They all seem to disappear at around evening time these last few days.

Not even a sugary beverage is giving me a rush worth staying awake about.

so this will be a waste of a post for the most part.
I will say though I am glad Paramount has finally switched to Blue-Ray. I've been wanting to see Transformers in Blue Ray and soon I'll be able to.

I was going through some boxes the other day and I found a bunch of old crap from the 90's. An Ivan Ooze action figure. Some old Mighty Max toysets. The scorpion and the giant fly. The fly is badass because its wings are actually part of an even cooler fly inside. The villain is a tiny nasty skeleton fly man with green lumpy eyes.

It reminds me how much grosser toys in the 90's were. Gak, Slime, Smud, Floam, those rubber eyeballs filled with red liquid that gurgled when you squeezed them, stretch armstrong. The ultimate though was the Creepy Crawlers.


God I loved this toy. For those of you who are too young to remember these, it was basically the Easy Bake Oven except for boys. It was a tiny kiln, with a bunch of molds of bugs. You filled these molds with a bunch of nasty colored glue-like fluids, stuck it in the oven for about half an hour. And bang! The glue turned into rubber and you had a customized toy bug.

It was brilliant. A toy that makes MORE toys. I cant describe how much I was into these things either. Getting rare molds, getting rare kinds of goo to use. Getting goo made by third party companies so I could decorate and stylize my bugs.
Later they made lizards, snakes, and my personal favorite, the creepy crawler Dragons.

Eventually creepy crawlers died and was replaced by other toy-making goo-using similar products. Including one where kids could melt a mercury-like substance, pour the MOLTEN METAL into a mold, and create neat little figurines. It was taken off the market.

So I drew some pokemon

And a scarecrow

And I'm gonna whore this out there again. I've added quite alot of new designs. So if you feel like buying an overpriced shirt with one of mt drawings on it, there you go.

Also the trailer for Coraline has FINALLY been put on the internet. And good lord, does it look scary as shit and yet at the same time wonderfully cute. I can't wait!


David said...

Oh my gosh!

I still have my creepy crawlers and that metal thing!

Sparkpro said...

I was more into the various action figures mostly Power Rangers. I had a lot of fun with those many pretend fights between good and evil.

Haroshi homeboy said...

Oh man,
I used to have some Mighty max toys.

One was a lava ogre/golem thing,
And the other was an awesome two headed dragon man...


How cool is that, very is the answer... very cool.

HillyBillyMcgee said...

Darn tootin in da woods with some fellers chrowin raceewns at me, why dey do this to meeeh? Dey get ta chrowin den I get to runnin and scrapling them goosy feathers off gown o da wifey, yall know what chi meeen. Den I get to fishli and fishlin moar, sometimes I catch me a mightee feesh, uddah tihmes is ratehr beeefy....

Anonymous said...

That scarecrow sort of looks like the main character from that old claymation game for the PS1. Skullmonkeys, I think it was...