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Friday, March 28, 2008

Let there be. Let there always be. Never ending light.

Six days straight of work. No breaks (other than the occasional publix sandwich. Sucked ass. Alot of it. Especially considering the only big movies out this week were The Mist (a good little monster movie) and The Kite Runner (Marc Forster's new movie).
Meaning not alot of crowds. Just the regulars and the crazies.
The regulars are fun because they know me and the others and we can jabber about stuff. The crazies are not fun because they are crazy. The crazies fall into two categories.

The Happies and the Angries.

The Happies are kind at heart but possess the brainpower of a shoe. In constant need of aid to do any minor task and usually jabbering about things noone has any ideas about. Alot of the Happies are conspiracy nuts, gabbling on about a 'new war with china' and how the Illuminati control us through fast food.

The Angries are angry. Nothing will make them happy. The tiniest thing sets them off, and they dont leave until they have ensured that you feel as poor as they. Is a movie they want unavailable? FUCK YOU. A movie they want is available? FUCK YOU. Short of giving them a foot massage, nothing makes the Angries stop shouting and complaining and frightening the other customers.

Also sports icons Earnest Graham of the Bucs and Marcus Jones are regular customers.

However, I did have today off. And my 6 days working came in handy. For once, a fat paycheck. And two, due to staying an extended length of time, I was given a 25 dollar giftcard to Outback steakhouse. So today that is where my father and I dined. I dont go to Outback ever. Not because the food is bad. But much like Carrabas, Macaroni Grill, GrillSmiths, Bonefish Grill, and the Olive Garden, the place is friggin' pricey. I've always eaten cheaply. Paying 15 bucks for a meal is mighty steep, good as the meal may be.
And the meal WAS good. Some damn good creamy cheesy pasta with sun dried tomatoes floating in it. My father got a steak sitting on top of garlic mashed potatoes.

It was great, to be sure. But you know what's just as good? A 2.99 half-pound box of fried shrimp with squid and a slice of cheesecake from the Salem's fast food place near here. A side of seasoned fries completes it.

Ah seasoned fries. You could eat em' all day. Paprika is a magical spice. As is curry.

Of course this day off is short lived, as I work again tomorrow. Happily for me it's but a short shift.

In completely unrelated news, I have paused production on Polypeptide AGAIN to enter a contest that will, once again, waste my time. Another contest I am destined to lose. But what can I say? A 10,000 dollar grand prize is simply far too attractive.

It's for this thing:

Yes yet another corporate contest being on a shady website with shady practices being funded by Adult Swim.
I'm sure like many other online animation contests, that the "winner" will secretly be a member of the site staff, and the runners up will be alternate accounts voting on each other. Thats how these things always work.

So, needless to say, I am keeping my toon/storyboard as simple as I possibly can. Probably the poopiest animation I ever did produce. But I cant be wasting time on entries for contests that may or may not be scams.

doo bee doo dee doo dee doopy loopy
floopy roopy snoopy
ga roopy groopy floopy


what was I thinking just now. I dont know.
Anyway my thoughts are not working right now, so
I will post art instead. Luis on Newgrounds started up a pico day contest, so I scribbled together some half-assed redesigns of the newgrounds mascot, The Tankmen.

And a second cuter one

I finally got to see the new Justice League animated film. Although it's clear they had to rush it and cut out alot of story it was still enjoyable. I think it's also the first time Hal Jordan has been in the DC Animated Universe (unless we count the SuperFriends and noone does). The animation on the prehistoric beasts in the finale was amazing.
There was also a preview for the Batman: Gotham Knight thing thats going to come out the same week as the new Dark Knight movie. And boy does it look beautiful. I wonder what the next DC Animated thing will be, as Gotham Knight is being made in Japan by some prestigious anime studios. I wish there were studios here in America that could get the funding to do things like Gotham Knight. Glorious detailed 2d.
Well at least David Fincher is making a new Heavy Metal film.

And now to return to work on my radiohead thing.
Did you think if when you hit me with that bat, that little choclatey candies would come pouring out? I have to buy my skittles downstairs just like everybody else. I'M JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.


Haroshi said...

You should see the price of food in the UK.

Pretty much everything is at least twice the price of that in the US :(

Andrew said...

Hey Zekey, I just snagged myself a shiny new shirt from your Zazzle store, a black shirt with the Arcade Alien design on it, and I have to say, this is the greatest thing I have ever worn. It cost like a million dollars, but it was totally worth it. Now everyone I walk by can be awed by your inimitable genius.

So thanks for making the world a little more colorful, and I might I wonder aloud if there are some more non-creepy t-shirt designs in the pipeline??

Eshniner Forest said...

I like your drawings. Very cool.

HillyBillyMcgee said...

Me and da wifey went to da market on dis eve and we did purchase ourselves some babbee squirrly beasts to propogat us some gud ol home grown beeeefy stewa, i is sho da childrens will enjoy a slurp of da precious juice from da grindin and da mashin of da sculs.