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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I bring my nocks. No biggie. Where are your nocks, Gabe?

My leg currently burns with the red hot intensity of a supernova.
The weird brownish...stain...on my skin there (thats been hangin there for like a year now) has now become a swollen bloody mess. Due mainly to me scratching it from time to time, and it being full of puss and fluids.
It had shrunk to such a tiny size for a while, but it returned, more annoying than ever. I'm currently in denial, but I'm sure it's probably infected and I'll keep ignoring it until they have to lop my leg off and then I'll be sittin pretty. Cause I sure won't be standin.
Last time it got pus-y, about an hour ago, i dumped a heaping helping of salt on it. In the past any big scabs or scrapes I got were quickly dealt with by soaking them in salt water or dumping a giant pile of salt onto the wound. Which dried it up into a surprisingly non-itchy crust. I think that's what I'm going to start doing. But first I need to get neosporin to dump on this thing like every day. I want it gone. I want my leg back to normal already. So that is why my leg burns. A heapin' helpin' of salt.

Now that storytime is over, let me share tales about how my career is going. Oh whoops I dont have one, lol.
However, thanks to working our asses off to get stupid impulse buys shoved into our customer's faces last week, the store manager is allowing us to wear jeans next week. This might not sound like much, but it's pretty freakin sweet. Khaki pants are not fun. They are tight around the crotch and generally ugly to look at unless you're in a business suit or on a SAFARI MOTHAFUCKA. SAFAAAAARRIIIII
I love Death to Smoochy.

The episode of Ed Edd n Eddy with the boomerang is on. By far the most disturbing episode, due mostly to Edd being naked for the latter half of the cartoon, thanks to a magic boomerang that changes people's personalities.
I still can't believe this show got cancelled. :[

There's a new spiderman cartoon on tv. It's pretty damn good. Spectacular Spiderman it's called. The animation in it is pretty great. Which is surprising in this day and age of "keep the characters still as long as possible to save money"

well here's some doodles i made in boredom

The guy on the far left is a drawing of Schnitzel. A character from a show called Chowder which is probably the best new show on tv right now.

And here's an infamous homicidal maniac. Why did I paint him? I do not know.

Richard Chase. One of the sickest motherfuckers ever to be spawned in this country.

This next thing I'm posting is for an internet contest. I dont really care about the prizes for the contest. But it gave me the chance to redesign some of the mascots for the website. Which I had fun doing.

I also sketched some Austin Powers stuff. Just cause I love that trilogy.

Holy shit.
Cartoon Network is showing the Chicken Scratch episode of Dexter's Lab.
This is the episode that played before the Powerpuff Girls Movie from years ago.

It's strange to watch because it looks nothing like any other episode of Dexter's lab. The characters are redesigned into bizarre caricatures of themselves. The camera angles are all over the place with incredible poses and weird wiggly animation. Yet it retains that distinct pseudo-UPA design look. Which coupled with the smooth wiggly animation, is really fun to watch. There seem to be no preplanned lip sync movements either. Every track of dialogue seems to get its own unique and hilarious mouth shapes that seem almost like they were animated with no planning at all. Giving it this crazy insane look. The characters fly into all these bizarre outlandish Tex Avery facial expressions.
It's also a rather scary Dexter cartoon. Has a sort of "we've gone mad" feel to it. Like it's gone out of control. It's also I think the first Dexter cartoon with Candi Milo doing Dexter's voice, as opposed to the usual voice actress Christine Cavanaugh. It's really jarring. Even more jarring that for some scenes where Dexter's laughing, they are clearly using old voice tracks of Christine laughing from the "Dexter Turns into a Clown" episode.
I wonder if it's on Youtube.
Only one way to find out!
And it turns out its not. There's only a couple of torrents floating about.

Oh well!
Maybe if Cartoon Network ever puts the show on DVD, we'll see it eventually float onto the internet.

Oh wow I almost completely forgot!
Thanks to my good buddy FatBadger, I managed to get Clown Show up onto Youtube. Sadly it's blurry and there's an ugly logo in the top right corner that we can't get rid of.

I made it small so it stays sharp and clean. Just hit the little play button. If you want to see if large just click on the center of it. But I warn you, blurriness and artifacts will launch from it into your eyes.

anyway i'm done f


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