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Monday, March 10, 2008

Show me your moves!

My younger brother in his kindness, has decided to repay his debts to me by getting me a wii. He hasn't gotten it yet, but it should be arriving soon. This is great for several reasons. For one, working at a video store means I can rent and complete all the great games I've been missing out on (for free!). And it means I can play Super Smash Brawl.
I won't lie, I was once a big gamer. But games cost alot these days. My Super Nintendo and Sega systems collect dust. Only being flipped on for the occasional game of vectorman or kirby super star. Ikaruga lays underneath the n64, propping it up slightly, waiting for the day it will be placed back inside the gamecube.
Recently my brother got an xbox 360 and I have watched, in great merriment, his catastrophic pursuits playing 4-player campaign mode in Halo 3. He's a great player, but his friends sadly are not. And as the arguing gets worse, the grenades are let fly, and much respawning is had. And swearing as well. Flurries of fuckwords the likes of which few have witnessed.
But of course thats what gaming online is about. To have fun and get in huge arguments with your buddies.
Mike also has an Xbox360. And between he and my brother, I've gotten to experience all the great games the 360 has to offer. Halo, Timeskip, Bioshock, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Turok, and others.
Today Jared (my brother) was at the reptile show. They have one every occasion here in Florida. I love to go, but due to it being at the state fairgrounds, and serving a very niche audience (well in general) it doesn't get advertised much. So I missed it, AGAIN. Which sucks balls. I also missed Megacon which was in Orlando this weekend. With Mike being in Vermont, and my brother being away, I dont have the transportation needed to get to Orlando. Nor do I have the cash to stay in a hotel for two nights.
Hopefully my manager Ben (who is attending dressed as a storm trooper) found Jellyfist, which is something I've been wanting to read for a while now.
But that's besides the point. The point is that Jared has gotten a HUGE new tank/aquarium for his pet Python, featured here. The snake has grown much bigger now, and has trouble squeezing into his wee house. So the trials of giving him a bigger environment has begun.

Due to not going anywhere this weekend (and having lots of time to myself) I've been working alot on Polypeptide, constructing quick dinky run cycles and whatnot. Here's a screenshot:

I also drew some of the people whom I see at work:

A longtime friend of mine from newgrounds also wanted me to redraw some old drawings of his avatar he is best known for. It's become sort of a symbol of the gang of animators we belong to:

In completely unrelated news entirely, tonight on adult swim there was a bumper with music by Plaid in it. I think it was their Sincetta track. I cant be sure. Either way, my ears pricked up so hard the moment I heard it, they nearly tore right off. Adult Swim usually have impeccable taste when it comes to selecting music to play in their ads, but this was a special treat.

This also reminds me that I need to update that music player in the top left corner of my blog with some more tunes. There's only like 5 songs on it. I also need to get rid of those google ads. Google is crap.


David said...


I totally got it!
You should play it!
It lives up to the hype!

Perhaps a friend code swap when you get your Wii?

Haroshi said...

When you mentioned you had a manager I thought "what... Zekey's a rock star?"

Then I was like "oh yeah manager of the video store."

OH HA HA HA HAAAAAaaaaAAaaa...a.aa......a.........a

Sparkpro said...

Neat a wii.

Aside from most Nintendo's first party games, one game I recommend to check out is Trauma Center: Second Opinion (not new blood). Real fun and good for a challenge.

Jesse said...

Your collection of consoles reminds me of mine, save that my Xbox gets lots of use since I've modded it. My family uses XBMC so much we cancelled cable.

Oh yeah, and a zsnes emulator.

God, I love cheap electronics. :)

HillyBillyMcgee said...

Well whut in tarnation you doin hea wigfey getting all in a fuss over dat dere possumy creature, just go out in da beck dare and givem a good load of buckeye is is snout, dare go boy, DARE GO!