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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I got an email from Paypal today. Paypal only ever emails me for two reasons.
The first and most common reason is that they need to "update my account"
Apparently these emails are fake and are scams designed to steal my paypal ID and password. So I dont answer them. They come like once a week. Currently they sit in a mottled heap, oozing in the spam folder.

The other time that I get a message from paypal is when sends me money. And lo and behold, since February I have accrued roughly $28.56 over the last few months from sales. I get like 4-6 bucks per sale, which means I sold roughly...5 or 6 things over the last 4 months. Also in my paypal account was 20 dollars sent to me by my friend Gus/Ray who wanted me to paint him a dinosaur. Which I did. I'd forgotten he'd ever sent me anything for it.

The point of the email is that it reminded me that a month ago or so someone had asked for more 'cute' designs be added to my Zazzle design gallery. I'd forgotten the request, but still fulfilled it someone subconsciously. I've added a few designs since then always making them "cute" without remembering why the hell I was making them cute in the first place.

So, since it's been ages since I whored my Zazzle thing like a money grubbing slut, I'm gonna do it here.

First thing is Kraw, which I suppose is not really cute, but its meant to look like a cave painting.

Next is this silly looking Goldfish. Drawn and colored in flash.

I also did a series of three shirts each with a small iconic begoggled goblin on each. I did them in three colors.
Blue. Red. Green.
If you actually want one, you can change the color of the shirt with the menu to the right of the image of the shirt.

I also did an image of two
This is them here. No real sense to this picture. Just trying to make some wee monsters. Used the same alien writing style as in the Meat Grinder posters.

This next one, sadly got posted with the back of the shirt showing up first. Which shows you nothing except the little red eye I put on the back of alot of my shirts. But if you click the "front" button you will see the front of the shirt which has a very cute painting of a crow that I worked pretty hard on.
The Crow shirt. click "front" under the image to see the crow.

Last one was this Dragon shirt, where I tried to capture a more humorous contemporary style like the funny shirts you see in stores. I failed, of course. But the dragon's cute, right? Oddly, I actually had someone complain about this one to me on another site because it wasn't "indie enough" which made me sigh in disdain.

Speaking of Zazzle, they havent talked to me in ages. They used to contact me constantly about site news, and wanting to pay me to help them make licensed products. And like 100000 other opportunities I've gone after online, it died a most silent and shameful death. I guess either they stopped liking my work, or maybe its because I'm no longer popular there, or maybe they are under new management. Either way, the site has become very quiet.

Not that I care. But it's weird. It used to be kinda social...for a automatic-shirt-maker site.

dum dee dum.

Oh yeah, concept art for TwoFace's design for the Dark Knight leaked online. Noone thought it was official until Warner Brothers started taking it down everywhere. I'd post the pic but I fear what Blogger would do. So here's a link instead.

Speaking of pictures, John K had a thing on his blog where he was giving out freelance work to anyone who could copy his drawings in a way he wanted.
The people whose drawings he liked, he came to their blogs and asked for contact info. Didnt post here, so I guess mine were not up to par.
But I'm gonna post them here because I have nothing better to do and feel like wasting some space.

In other art related newsery, I am making a comic for a comic book. A book that will actually be published. Fuck yeah! It's being put together by my friend Hans.

It's been fun to draw. It's been ages since I drew a comic. I forgot how much I enjoyed making them.
I may have to do this more often.
It's quite literally a huge page of a dozen or so tiny satirical comics that all clash and mix together in weird ways.

I really need to finish Polypeptide. This is getting ridiculous.


update. hey I didnt even make it into the semi semi finals of that Radiohead contest. when will I learn to stop entering these bloody things? WHEN?


MRat said...

I need to buy that crow shirt.

Gerkinman said...

I just baught a print and an odd couple shirt, the shirt reminds me alot of me and my gf strangely...

Gerkinman said...
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Anonymous said...

I really like the odd couple t-shirt, I'll have to get one sometime.

What do you sell the most of?

Ansel said...

oh shit, i'm supposed to make something for hans's book too

I forgot

oh shit, it's due on the 11th right?

fuuuck :c

ray said...

hey i am in this blog that is my name in the words nobody has called me gus in like 2 years,, hey zekey do you watch the original MGM tom and jerry shorts they is my favourite cartoonns its the best animation i have ever seen i will make a tom and jerry style cartoon one day when i am a good animator like you;

HillyBillyMcgee said...

Che chee cheeee, its me, hillybillymcgee! Today out in da ol yard dere wuz a big ol coony creature and me and deh wifey gave him chase round deh ol cellar barn. He was tain a bath in da raselberrie stews by time we dun wit em! YEEAAAHH!!