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Thursday, May 15, 2008

He's here to save the nation. So stay tuned to this station.

There is an incredibly high pitched cricket outside. It sounds like a penny whistler but several keys higher and quite a bit louder. It's like a ear piercing explosion of sound howling through the window.

I finally finished the comic for Hans van Harken's comic book. Who knows when or if that will get released. But it means thats one BIG project off my plate.
I managed to kidnap the wii (technically MY wii) from my brother's place and hooked it to the internet.

a.) the virtual console is the best thing ever. and wiiware is great. like the xbox live arcade. I already snatched FZero X and Kirby64. Paper Mario will be soon to come.

b.) nintendo needs to set up GOOD servers for smash brothers brawl online. it is lag-tastic and disappointing.

c.) mario kart wii is fucking great. it makes the already-rather-bland "double dash" look like shit. it gives the perfect DS version a definite run for its money.

d.) solid snake is the funniest character to play as in brawl. he requires almost no skill. just a cruel imagination. i haven't laughed so hard in forever. its just chaos.

At about 7 am this morning, since I cant sleep, I decided to try and make some pixel art on my old OLD pc. I made a little monster inside a tv set. I liked how it came out. So I blew it up to 3000 by 3000 pixels and decided to see what it looked like on a shirt.
And it looked surprisingly decent. So I got myself one, and then put the design up so others could look at them. I think I will do more pixel designs. I havent done them since 05 so this was quite refreshing.
Light pixel design and then the dark shirt version.

As of late, Mike, Raphael, and myself have been fishing off the Skyway Bridge. It's the worlds largest fishing pier. And it is HUEG. There's a good variety of fish to catch there, unlike our usual spot which only produces ladyfish and catfish.
Last night we watched in great amusement as Mike lost several rigs to snags and did small dances of rage in his pursuit of a pinfish to use as grouper bait. It took a million tries but he finally caught one.
The most common fish around the pier are small stupid sardines called greenbacks which are very hard to hold onto.

Anyway, as I said before the comic is done. Now I can devote my work time to the poetry book and Polypeptide.

Also for no reason I drew a mummy today.

We get our bi-annual bonuses next week. Which means a big fat paycheck (i hope). And it gives me something to look forward to.


MRat said...

I rather love that mummy.

Ansel said...

i still need to do my comic... either today or tomorrow.

pixel art is fun but frustrating. I've been using the pixel tool in flash a lot, mostly to do little pixelly text, which I'm in love with.


Sparkpro said...

Hey, what time are you usually online with Brawl?

Pinao212 said...

Hey, wanna trade brawl codes?

Anyhoo, nice mummy, and neat t-shirt designs in the previous post.
I haven't responded in a while 'cause I got a trojan and reloaded everything. It's good to be back to reading the blogge.

Anonymous said...

Great work. Congratulations on your inclusion in the Meth Minute 39, might I add.

Mike (long-time reader, first-time writer)