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Friday, May 23, 2008

my huckleberry friend

Today as I rummaged through my bookcase I found something old that for some reason I held onto. My junior high journal. Chock full of bad drawings, old forgotten characters, and assignments from my english teacher.
Its very amusing so I am going to share some passages with you.
Some of these are just things I wrote. Some are poems (which are surprisingly good) and some are just...I dont know.
Here's the best bits:

"In 10 years I will be 24 and I will have a trailer for a house because you can drive around with them. I will be making Zeke cartoons for Cartoon Netowrk or KidsWB"

Ah, good old childhood optimism.
We continue:

"I would put on normal every day Jnco and Hilfiger clothes and go down to Barnes and Noble or Borders to look at comics. After buying some of my favorites I would come hime. I would create a new track for SODA Offroad Racing on CDRom. Then I would watch Reboot and DragonballZ. Then I'd watch Animaniacs."

"The advice I would give someone if they were just starting school here would be 'run far, run fast, and dont look back'"

How right I was! Continuing on, here is one of my first attempts at poetry:

"Old man Fogey was walkin down a stair
On his head there dropped a pear
Tripped on a sewer and fell down there
Landed on his Der-riere
Oh what a bad day
What a terrible awful day
He thought to himself
I'd rather be at home
Where I'm all alone
Talkin to my self"

There's more but it sucks. ALOT.

"They put on alot of clothes and bullet proof vests to make themselves less vulnerable. Probably to bullets."

"If I had 100,000 dollars I would 1,000 to charity and 1,000 to Unicef. Then I would buy a Playstation and a Sega Dreamcast. Then I would buy a great beautiful jungle aquarium for the turtles. Then I'd buy Jet Force Gemini and DK64."

Man I wanted Jet Force Gemini. Sadly, when I got it, it turned out to be awful. Worst thing Rareware ever made. Yes, worse than 'Grabbed by the Ghoulies'


"The only drawback to having no sense of smell is that perfume, cologne, and deodorant companies would go out of business."

"I have a dream that every dream I dream will dream out other dreams and that the dreams I dream will help me dream while I dream of dreams."

I was such a smart child. -__-

Moving on. More old poetry:

"Hickeldy Yickeldy Yickeldy Yoo
A flying ship and it's flying crew
If they catch a fish they'll give it to you
Hickeldy Yickeldy Yickeldy Yoo
Neener Neener Neener Nye
The ship went straight up in the sky
It nearly pierced the sun's bright eye
Neener Neener Neener Nye
Rickledy Rickeldy Rickeldy Toast
In the sky, the ship did roast
The entire crew flew down as ghosts
Rickeldy Rickeldy Rickeldy Toast"

Man I miss the days when I could shoot decent poetry out of my ass.

What a handy skill that would be now that life has wrung all the rhymes out of me.

"Before I write let me make a point I will not have children when I grow up. If I do, it will be difficult to become a famous animator."

LOL. Jesus what a deluded happy dumb kid I was. I really thought I'd end up being successful one day. Gold. Pure gold.

Anywho, more poetry. Probably the best one. It shocks me that at one time I had the literary creativity to come up with poems. Poems that made sense. And rhymed. Holy crap:

"I just drew a monster
And he looks very mean
His skin is yellow and sickly
And all his fins are green
I think I'll stick it outside
To frighten all the guys
Then they will be all paranoid
Out their heads will pop their eyes
I really love my monster
It is my pride and joy
I think I'll give a copy
To every Girl and Boy
But something has gone quite wrong
And now I'm getting sued
Noone likes my monster
Now isn't that just rude?"

Was that not badass? I wrote that. AT 14. WTF. AAAA
I so gotta turn that into a cartoon. Somehow. Somewhere. Someway.

Anyway, some more passages from this old tome:

"If you steal candy from a baby that poor child will go thru life scarred and turn to a life of crime."

I assume I wrote that to be funny. But I was never a 'funny' person. I could very well have been dead serious.
Here's one of the best bits, folks.
A list of my "life goals" from when I was 14:

1.) fly a plane
2. write a novel
3. read all the lord of the rings books
4. make a cartoon show
5. write a comic book
6. make a movie
7. act in a movie

Funnily enough I've only accomplished one of those things. Irony?
Anyway, here's more:

"If you read treasure island and then watch the movie 'muppet treasure island' you will find no similarities between the book & movie."

Boy I was so observant.

Another poem:

"I drove down to the IRS just the other day
They said 'Give us your money. The government you must pay.'
I said 'No way jerks!'
And because I refused
They locked me up in jail until 3082."

It's like I was predicting the future.

ANOTHER POEM. (a good one):

"I like to eat cake
It is my favorite treat
I like to eat cake
I think it's just plain sweet
I like to eat cake
My cholesterol is up
See if I give a care
I eat all the cake up"

Thats another one I must make into a cartoon.
Same with this next one. Although I think this next one would work better as some sort of song:

"I had a clock
It went tick tock
I kept it in my room
my maid came in
with a garbage bin
swept it up with a broom
it went all the way to the garbage pile
i didnt see it for quite a while
then i found it in the market aisle
and thats how i found my clock
tick tock"

I assume the reason the book is full of so much poetry is because I got my ass handed to me on an almost daily basis back in Junior High. I was a large meaty 6-foot-tall 14 year old, but I was too much of a pacifist to defend myself. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and tell my younger self to punch the teeth out of some of those jerks.

But enough about that.
Hey some polypeptide news. Because I havent updated you guys about it in forever. Moving onto the next scene requires me finally coming up with a good design for the gangster's vehicle.
I've been doing some concept sketches as of late:

I think the final design will be this:

It rolls along on one spherical wheel. Dark grey with red highlights. I'll probably make it a big longer and flatter so it looks less like a rolling comfort chair.
I want it to be sleek. And that isnt sleek. Not yet.

Chances are I will model and render it in Swift 3d, to see how it looks with a turnaround.
It's not like it's an important benefactor in the film. But seeing as the gangsters in this cartoon look like lego pieces, I need them to have something that makes them seem threatening.
Or at least not so cuddly.

blah blah blah

Me and my friends have found a new restaurant. It's called Dagwoods. Yes it's based off Dagwood from the Blondie comic strip. And yes, it only serves enormous bizarre and tasty sandwiches.
It's pretty damn great. And now I'm hungry.

Time to rummage for some food.
But before I do that, here's a painting I've been piddling with for the last couple of days:

Art Rage, Flash and Paint Shop Pro 9.

And now to eat foods.


CHARLAX said...

eye am a poet tewe yew
here is a echo chambering

Lagg Monster
Lagg Monster

Green squares not dots in a rows of barley moving time scrawling under neathe the nose of the miss users. Pages torn from fingers cold and frozen. Entire cities disappearing people screaming at the hording of the rich people using. Subtle changes in the wording of the documents Word.doc is now word.docx or just like a uniformed man using his buttons on his uniform to display his individuality making the buttons silver on his lapel. The color of his underwear is most likely blue not green. He eats at all the fast food places and never uses alcohol or drugs and uses garbage as a weapon of his means. Women scream at his destruction the hat is taller than the head of lagg his hair so green his eyes so mean. Little Johnny Thompson is watching his screen saver and there is nothing wrong with him he likes the yellow tail the best. Baby sitted looks at laptop listening to poison sumac growing near the wall. The Lagg monster crawls.

Sparkpro said...

We were all idiots around that age.

And yes that one poem about the monster was pretty good. Almost like something you would find in Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Anonymous said...

Cyclops gut makes an excellent desktop background, thank you!!!

MarkP0rter said...

"I really thought I'd end up being successful one day. Gold. Pure gold."

hey who knows- its only a matter of time if you keep up the good work and just dont give up.

Cherri Roca said...

i'm completely sure that when you finish polypeptide and add it to your reel you will most def. get some good job offers, but... YOU HAVE TO FINISH IT FIRST!

Spikely said...

thanks for sharing this stuff... sounds like your sweet poetry skills were influenced by Shel Silverstein with a peppering of Dr. Seuss - both brilliant!

HillyBillyMcgee said...

cheeiriririririririririr ffooof ffoooff ffioioofffff, ah excuse me, i was just a messin round wit me possumy friend steeeve, he got biig ol teeth and big ol paws and big ol claws and a big ol maw, yep yep, he gone done and bit da wifey so i hads to eat him all op.

CHARLAX said...

HillyBillyMcgee said...
cheeiriririririririririr ffooof ffoooff ffioioofffff, ah excuse me, i was just a messin round wit me possumy friend steeeve, he got biig ol teeth and big ol paws and big ol claws and a big ol maw, yep yep, he gone done and bit da wifey so i hads to eat him all op.

10:27 PM

De Fox and De Grape
De Fox and De Grape



Brer FOX was walking too far to survive his paws was sore and he could not find any change to utilize de store and the rabbit was too smart for once he was in his hutch in the brier patched up.
FOX stopped suddenly and looked up at a giant sized grape hanging on a limb just out of reach of snout. He carefully circled de glen again. To get de grape he would have to jump and dive up and then oh my the edge of the cliff loomed close he would have to move back with de grape in his mouth and stop suddenly to avoid de fall. De rabbit was laughing and standing in the shadow of the rock. What do FOX do with de grape if it is soured? What do FOX do if de fall comes to FOX? Shut up rabbit FOX was fed up and so hungry and ready to try. He Jumped. The rabbit let out a long sigh for de FOX landed on this side of rock. The rabbit was eyeing de grape of de FOX. The FOX was eyeing the rabbit and sighed. De FOX said in an almost human monotone voice please eat this sweet grape with me rabbit there is enough for us both. De rabbit he smiled and he cried. They became friends for life. The moral of de story. CharlaX writes de fable like Aesop. De Grape De FOX De Rabbit a lesson in hope.

im replying to hillybillymcgee