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Saturday, May 17, 2008

ay nay i never got any hay

Cockroach again tonight. I was driving home singing some Jefferson Airplane music loudly offtune to myself. And just as I was feelin good, I glance up, and I see him. Scuttling right underneath the sun visor.
I cackled triumphantly and spat a flurry of awful words at him.

I was on my way to get new shoes. The shoes I bought for 10 dollars at Wal-Mart a couple months ago were literally falling apart. The soles are flopping off. And no amount of superglue or duct tape can save them now. I will miss them. They gave my feet giant bloated blisters and smelled ungodly and looked cheap, but they were, usually comfortable.

Anyway, so I was driving to Wal-Mart (again) to buy a new pair of shoes, when I saw the roach.
As I swerved into the parking lot, I saw the roach leap to the passenger side sun visor and try to hide its fat little body.

Unfortunately for him, in the seat next to me was my DVD of "The Day the Sky Exploded"
Which I grabbed, and then howling like a banshee, smashed upward with all my might, to crush the roach.

And once again, he survived. The moment the dvd box was lowered he shot out and with a loud clack, hit the window. Oh if it had only been open I would be rid of him! He glanced off the glass and barrel rolled down into the dark depths under the seat.

I hope I injured him this time.

After that episode I got out of the car and went into WalMart. I got the only shoes there that were in size 14, which luckily were heavy duty shoes, and paid like 40 bucks for them, which sickened me, and then I was on my way.

And then I came home, checked my email to see if any of the studios I had sent my reel to had emailed me back. I laughed heartily because of course they hadn't and never ever will.

And then my friend Mike (nim%) showed me a contest adult swim is having.

A shirt contest. And it perplexes me because the prize is to have the shirt printed and sent to you....

lolwut? People can just do that anyway for just as cheap on cafepress, zazzle, or spreadshirt. What the hell sort of contest is that? And thats the only prize too. Its sponsored by Honda, but its not like you get a free car out of it or anything. Weird.

Speakin of shirts, I made a new one: here
I'm really enjoying working on a canvas of barely 200 pixels in either dimension. And working with a 16 bit palette. It's strangely relaxing. Like therapy.

Anyway after a hearty chortle at the contest, I decided to paint.

And the thing I painted was a mutated skinless horse creature:

And yes, before you ask, he IS farting out of the bones sticking out of his shoulder blades. No, I don't know why.
His anatomy is basically that of a horses, except with the muscles twisted around in almost a loop. As if his muscles were an arm that was given a massive indian burn.

Also a few days ago I painted another stylized jungle picture. Like the one for that poem book I posted a while ago. Except this one is more colorful and is not going in the book.

And now to draw some more.


ray said...

that cockroach is mr samsa i know this

Ansel said...

size 14?


Sparkpro said...

I also hate paying a lot of money for shoes.
I'll never understand how anybody can pay over 100 dollars for shoes.