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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No, John. You are the demons

My brother came over at some point today and skinned the snake.

Salazar the snake is either too inept at his job of being a snake or just too apathetic to get his own skin off. I know this because the bathtub is full of nasty black snake skins all over the place.

Salazar is happy now. He is crawling around wildly only stopping momentarily to sun himself.

There is a trailer on TV right now for a movie called "The Center of the Earth" starring Brendan Fraser. It's by Walden Media who have brought several classic books to life in the last few years. Except unlike their other films, I can tell from the trailer that this film has nothing to do with the book at all other than the prehistoric beasts in the very center.
And the special effects in it are incredibly...unrealistic looking. I hope it's on purpose because the human actors stick out like sore thumbs and done look at all like they should be there.
And the trailer is pretty much nothing but Brendan Fraser doing his loud fake yell for like 5 minutes straight.

blah blah blah

Speaking of movies I was at Wal Mart last night with Mike and Raphael. And what do I see? The 20th Anniversary Edition of The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen. I've already had the film on dvd for a while but this made me curious.
I guess it has a new interview with Terry Gilliam and Charles McKeown, whom are both working on that Parnassus film that Heath Ledger was starring in before he kicked the bucket.

Man I hope thats good. Tideland made me go :C

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am flat broke. Luckily I've had strange luck when it comes to food. Whether it being leftover nacho ingredients, to local restaurants giving the store i work at a tray of free sandwiches to eat to promote their business, I have not found sustenance hard to come by.
Perhaps fate is smiling gently on me.

My good friend Billy Monks (who calls himself Mr.Chocobo) and I made a game together about Sneaky Snake, a really dumb song by Tom T. Hall. We enjoyed making it so much, we're developing a new game together.
Flash or C++
One of the two.

Its going to be a classic arcade shooter like r-type. Complete with bullets filling the screen and
But the theme will be bugs. We've been going over odd gimmicks we could give it to add a level of depth to just shooting.

Either way the theme is going to be bugs. A war between two dictators. A centipede and Millipede.

I scribbled some ideas tonight for the main character.

That first one we thought was too cute.
So we decided to do a beetle design. Make him look a bit less happy.

So next came this design

But that one looks too angry and I wanted to go a bit further with his design so I could customize him more as you got upgrades during gameplay.

So this currently what the final design will look like, we think

I might change the colors, but we both like his body shape.

Chances are when you get upgrades, his body will change but the head will stay the same.
We're both fans of shooters and games by Treasure, so this game will probably be mostly lots of miniboss battles.

Either way, I'm going to scribble out more designs later at work.


HillyBillyMcgee said...

Well wut in tarnation yo doin dere buddeh, ya'll need sum snacks to moonch on all da leeve long day, when i's munchin on shnacks i got nuittin to worry bout cept that ol dawg heefer comin rilin on over and geevin me a bite on me sore tumb, damn dat heefer, i is gone shoot him one dees days.

Billy Monks said...

This game is going to be truly excellent.

amazing graphics + addicting gameplay

and then we'll make a 3rd game