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Saturday, June 07, 2008

That's my horse

Today is a strange work day. I start work at 2pm.
Which is odd.
Earliest time I've ever gone to work. Hopefully my paycheck will clear.
Wont know until then.

Me and Mike and Raphael went fishing at the Clearwater pier. It costs money to stand on their pier. 6 bucks for fishing and observers pay 50 cents. It's pretty silly, since its not that great of a pier anyway.

But it must have been National Trout Night, as people were pulling speckled trout out of the water all over the place. Raphael caught sardines, Mike caught a trout and a pinfish.

Cartoon Network is showing Skunk Fu. At first I assumed they'd imported this show to hope to make a cheap buck in the chance kids might associate the program with the new Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda movie.
But this might not be the case, as I notice neptoon studio's own program "Total Drama Island" is now playing as well.

So Cartoon Network is importing canadian flash cartoons!
What an odd turn of events.

In unrelated news, I made a new painting.

I dont know if I'm pleased with it.
I am leaning towards the 'no' side. Maybe I'll feel better about it in a day or so.
I am pondering if I shouldnt return to doing digital art in flash. Vectors were always my strength.




I had a nostalgia bomb go off in my head the other day. And I suddenly remembered the lyrics to a song I thought was very beautiful when I was a preteen. It was an oldie song, but it was amazing.

And thanks to the internet I was able to locate it with the one line of lyrics I remembered from it.

'there were children crying
and colors flying
around the chosen ones'

It was from the song "After the Gold Rush" by Neil Young.

So I downloaded it, and am now a happy camper.
And its still a beautiful song.


Anonymous said...

That painting is right up there with the Bioshock one you made, very nice!!

It never stops seeming incredible to me that you can draw and post something like that every few days.

Sparkpro said...

So flapjack...
How did you like it?

Cherri Roca said...

i just got 2 prints and a button from your gallery on zazzle today, they look splendid, very nice quality. you should be proud

Ansel said...

gb2flash nub stfu dffdg

HillyBillyMcgee said...

Well I see dere dat in da peeture little rag girl a feeshin off a fence, i do dis sometimes and i get on my bait all rooty tootly worms and give er a cast oot dere. When da woodland creatures give my pol a tuggin i start da fightin and da cussin and i ususally geet meeself a bigun and put it een my sack fo later, da wifey lik ta give em all a cook in da ol pot out back dere, wit all da rust and da leaves, add da flavor yall know what i sayin, yall know.

ZSL said...

cherri that is doubleplus good to hear. i've been wondering what sort of quality the posters are. i know how the shirts look, but i've been iffy with the posters.
that puts my fears to rest!