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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another day to live through. Better get started.

I love rain. I love it I love it. I love the sound it makes, I love how much the temperature drops. I love the grey hue it bathes all in my sight in. I love the smell it leaves behind.

I dont love lightning. I find it terrifying that a beam of light can explode out the ground and kill me instantly in an explosion of sound and fire. And down here, it's everywhere the rain is.

I dont love wasps. When it rains, the wasps that have no homes to return to, choose this one instead. Hanging inside the patio. Clinging to the front door. Sitting on the window. Clutching the belly of nearby leaves.

Its been bad especially dealing with these flying nightmares, because its been raining ALOT. I came here to chew gum and squirt wasp-spray, and I'm all outta wasp spray.
So to publix I went where I purchased a small tank of wasp poisons to douse the creatures. And douse them I did. And die they did.

And as I breathed the fumes and watched their squirming bodies lurch toward me, intent on punishing me even in death, I thought "Why not draw all the different kinds of wasps that live here in Tampa?"

And so I did

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Joseph Lee said...

Great images!