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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's not about money. It's about sending a message.

Harvey Dent is dead, people. Nolan has officially said it. Twoface is dead in the movie.
So all the debating about whether big bad Harv survived being hurled off a 3-story fall can end now.

I'm glad to have closure, but of course, alot of speculation was that Twoface would be the main bad guy for GOTHAM which would be part 3 of the Batman Begins trilogy.
And Heath is still dead.

So all we have left right now is Cilian Murphy as the Scarecrow. I'd love to see him have a big role in film 3. Perhaps as the main bad guy again. That'd be nice. The bloke oozes creepiness. And seeing as they made him some sort of anti-vigilante for The Dark Knight, they could probably write more interesting stories with him.

Of course we wont know til years from now.
anyway uh

there's no point to this post except for two things

a decent picture of mike finally got online on someone's flicker account

so here is Mike in his costume of the merchant from resident evil 4 which cost him alot to put together and lots of frustration to his frazzled brain to get it working.

click to enlarge

and here is a zomboid i painted today


Pinao212 said...

Hey. I'm back.
Been a while since I commented.

Anyway, back to normal responding.
1) Cool Zomboid!
2) Think Mike could sell me a Chicago Typewriter? Seriously, though, that is friggen AWESOME.

David said...

By the way, Pinao212 is me.

Didn't notice it change...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I noticed there is a delightful little Zekey lizard right on the front page of newgrounds, neat-o.

Anonymous said...

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