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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If it hadn't been for you I would be now in someone else's digestion

So when the teaser for Frank Miller's film adaptation of Will Eisner's great comic book "The Spirit" came out, I was nervous. Very dark, very stylized. Two things the Spirit was not. It looked, basically, like Sin City.
So I have been cautiously awaiting the full trailer for the film.
And now its out.
And holy shit does it look bad. This will be one of the rare times I use this mode of expression but it really does look like a bad drug trip. Characters are glowing and flying and shooting lasers and there's weird colors flying off things. And Samuel L Jackson is playing the Octopus and you can see HIS FACE. Which you cant see in the comic. And they've dressed him up to look like some sort of clown thing and he's firing plastic toy guns into the air.

Batman on thurday. Will it live up to the hype? Probably not. Will it kick lots of ass? Oh I'm sure it will. Show Hellboy and Hancock how a superhero movie is supposed to be made. Not that Hellboy was bad or anything.

There is a comic convention with weekend.
Metrocon. Right here near Tampa. I havent been to a con in years literally. I always found them fun but very much on the creepy side. Hanging around with people who really wish they had been born in japan just because of cartoons. Otakus. Listening to bad live J-Rock bands.
But seeing as my love for anime has rekindled into a bright flame over the last few years, I figure I'll go, watch some cool stuff, see some game competitions and pick up some swag.

Swag for me, is usually independent comic books that look interesting to me. Last time I went to a comic convention I grabbed a lovely book called The White Elephant. A wonderful psychological comic about a man who's troubled past literally BARGES into any social gatherings he has as a large white elephant.
This is it here if you're interested.
The company that published the comic originally was from Florida I think.
I should research them. There's alot of things I need to research. Like this whole Internal Astronaut thing that I've been trying to figure out.

Hmm according to Wikipedia the publishers are in Gainesville here in Florida. That's right nearby. Oh and they are still around too. BAM.

At Metrocon my friend Mike is going to be cosplaying. He usually cosplays as characters whose costumes are easy to assemble (and often unrecognizable). For example he once went as Dib from Invader Zim. Not much of a costume there.
So this year he and I and a few others brainstormed about what he should go as.
Originally I suggested he go as the mutant parrot from the first few episodes of FMA that kept calling out Rose's name. Only because a man in a costume where he is basically a giant immobile green feathery beanbag with a floppy fake parrot head attached would probably be the funniest thing to see.
But he didnt do it.
So instead eh is going in a very accurate and elaborate costume of the Merchant from Resident Evil 4. It's a pretty great costume, and he can imitate the guy's voice quite well.





But that should be most amusing. I tried to convince him to have Joey dress up as a table with a black oldschool typewriter on top, but he refused.

I'm going to Metrocon this friday. Hopefully it will be fun. It better be considering the price it costs to get in.
Maybe there will be some bootleg dvd's of some rare stuff. Like the Guinea Pig snuff film series or something equally as fun. Maybe I will wear my newgrounds or polypeptide shirt. I probably wont though.

Speaking of Polypeptide, here is a brand new screenshot of some run cycles I've been working on.

The E3 press conference for Microsoft was this morning and I of course watched it. They showed off lots of new trailers to things. New Portal game coming out. Gears of War 2 looks fucking incredible.Then they showed off some Mii-ripoffs, and some rather poor looking party games. Definitely trying to take a bite out of mad Lord Wii's castle. And Xbox now has Final Fantasy. A final kick in the teeth to Sony.
Very amusing.
Hopefully tomorrow Nintendo will pull something godly out of its ass. Not like they have to, but it'd be nice. They have the largest share of the market yet seem to be taking their sweet time getting good game out. A pikmin 3 would be nice. Or a new F-Zero.
I think tomorrow will be most important for Sony. The PS3 needs SOMETHING to generate people's interest in it again. Metal Gear clearly did not. So hopefully they will unleash holy hell, but I get the feeling they will not.

The other day a website I frequent was having a contest to make WackyRacer/DeathRace vehicles.
Cars that fight each other.
this was my entry

big bad harv.


Jerry Chan said...

I'm honestly not THAT worried about the Spirit movie. You have to consider what the Spirit was in its time and compare its content to everything around it:

-Urban decay
-Lots of violence (seriously... The spirit is shot, beaten, and knocked out SO many times)
-Strong (and voluptuous) women (have you noticed how Denny eyes every one of those ladies he meets?)

But, in contrast to the comics and movies of today, the original Spirit comics don't seem nearly as dark and nearly as violent or nearly as sexy, so relatively speaking, the modern interpretation will (hopefully) be as violent, dark, and sexy as it was to those readers back in the 1940s. If anything, Miller's probably going to up the violence because, hey, he's Frank Miller.

I'm slightly concerned about Samuel L. Jackson playing the Octopus, though. I don't think I can ever take that man seriously.

Eidderf said...

Nintendo did pull something out of their ass but unfortunately it was a poo.

Anonymous said...

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