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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seems like my advice had no effect. Suffer, like G did.

Cartoon Network is going to show SUPERMAN DOOMSDAY. I'd love to see them show it uncut like they did with the Iron Giant. But I doubt it will happen.

So the shitty bloated district manager called our store a few weeks ago and told Colin he was moving to another store. Colin had no say or notice. And the next day he was at a store much farther away from his house full of an unruly asshole staff who are well known for purposefully getting managers fired. But of course the district manager can't see that.
So in Colin's absence, we have been given John. A big bald fellow who loves video games. According to other employees he is a suckup to higher-ups. The night I closed the store with him he seemed friendly enough.
Only time will tell.

So whats happened as of late. Got contacted by a greeting card company about a potential job. I fucked up. They stopped talking to me. (whom host my art since my deviantfart ban) contacted me saying they wanted to thank me for putting my art there (i dont think they're really thankful and this email arrives automatically when you upload a certain amount of files). Either way they said they were gonna send me a free shirt. I told them my shirt size.
Weeks passed. Shirt arrived today. Wrong shirt size. I need to find a local midget who can wear it so I can look in that midget's eyes and pretend I'm looking in a mirror to a fantasy world where I have a shirt that fits me.

Saw Wall-E (again) on July4th with my father and his ladyfriend.
Continued talking to my friend Hans about a large epic western-cartoon film series we're planning on making with a few other animators. Sadly he is going to Scotland soon to teach film school.
While he's gone more than likely I will storyboard my cartoon.
His I linked to in an earlier blog post. I'm more than likely going to use the "Green Hornet" theme song for my cartoon.


I think it's frog season.
As me, mike, eric, and raphael exited the green parrot pub our feet were overrun by hundreds of small black bouncing creatures. At first I thought these were crickets. But upon close inspection I realized they were an army of tiny black frogs hopping madly across the parking lots and over the medians. Joining them was a baby toad (roughly the size of a cashew) whom I rescued from being stepped on.

I would continue with this story but I just got the worst news I've heard in holy fucking forever while I was typing about those frogs. Seems an old rival of mine who got the dream job I'd kill for is making more money a month than I've made my whole life. And brags about it! WHEEE!

Boy I wish I was back inside the pub again.

In happier news time is being spent once again on polypeptide
here is a hard-to-decipher screenshot

lord I want this thing done.



Some wonderful yet horrible person saw a prescreening of the new batman movie and took photos of twoface! I'm sure Warner Brothers is trying to get these deleted off the internet as soon as possible.

So I am probably going to get my dick sued off by posting this. But I've lost mah mind

so here it is

dont click the tiny image if you dont want batman two face spoiled. ok? ok.

And there you go. Enjoy. I like that he looks like classic twoface with one big gleaming eye and less like the grotesque "oh dear lord rated R" zombie-like twoface concept art that florked all over the internet a month or so ago.



roboflussin said...


Ansel said...


Jerry Chan said...


I'm not sure if I'd believe that shot of 2 face. I think Nolan is trying to make this as /believable/ as possible and that Two Face looks a bit... surreal.

But hey, that could really be him. I guess we'll find out in a week.

Why were you banned from deviantart again? Was it the lack of anime fan art?

pop;yeah said...

if this fag with your dream job is wonchop. gross.

i would have thought weeble was smart enough to realise that wonchop isn't worth hiring.

i don't even know what the dream job is or anything, i'm uninformed.

MRat said...

We haven't had a good lengthy chat in sometime. I miss our ever so hilarious dialogues.

Recently Hans and have been drifting as well, and it brings a tear to an eye. Time was, jokes were made that Hans and I were e-dating! Most of these jokes were made by Luis.

I'm certain the Two-Face image is photoshopped, but I would not be surprised is the final effect is similar all the same.

Finally, big sloppy butts.