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Saturday, August 23, 2008

De Tieten Zijn Ontsnapt

Tonight was bittersweet.

Eric is leaving us. He is off to Chicago, to get his PHD. We wont see him for years.

So tonight was his going away party.
Roughly 20 friends all in an abandoned house listening to music and drinking cheap beer.
There was an air of sadness in the room. Not even a few tokes with Joey and Mac could brighten up the festivities.
Eric was sad, and by extension so were we. Most of the night spent on arguing about music and fixing a broken closet.

Eric asked me for something I meant to make him a long time ago.
He asked me to make him a new desktop wallpaper. He's always been a big fantasy guy, playing world of warcraft and magic the gathering and dnd. He wanted a painting of a dragon.

So he sat down and I sketched. After some sketching he departed to meet Mike at The Castle, some industrial goth bar in Ybor.
I spent the night painting like a madman.

And I think the result is some of the best work I've ever done.

Mostly Alias Sketchbook Pro with some art rage on top. I think it came out pretty great, and I dont usually toot my own horn.

Tom is gone. Eric is gone. Joey was gone but came back.


More places need to serve chili dogs.
They are FAR superior to Hot Dogs. And cheap to make.
Why do so few places have hot dogs and chili dogs on the menu?

Only three places around here have chili dogs. Mom and Pop's little restaurant, Checker's, and Sonic.

And Checker's has by far the best of the three.

Thats a crime against hotdoggery and I will not stand for it.

And now bed.


Haroshi said...

We threw a going away party for my friend about a week ago, he's moving to Australia. :(

But we found a quiet field near his village, set up tents and had a great time.

I guess the most important thing is to keep in touch with friends who move away, another friend of mine has just came back from cyprus after two years and we have been having a great time catching up with one another in the local pub over a couple of pints.

Also I agree that knight and dragon picture looks brilliant. I love the way you've drawn the dragons face. :D

Anonymous said...

Diner Chilidogs > Checkers Chilidogs