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Friday, August 29, 2008

a huge rancid dog traveling at 5,000 miles per hour

A few posts ago I talked about the large spider near my place.
And I discussed other bug problems I have. I seem to be having similar bug problems this week. In one night two wasps managed to construct a pretty decent nest next to the porchlight. I sprayed them, and they fell to the ground and died. The next morning my brother came over with the photos of the spider. Two new wasps had taken over the nest. He killed them without any spray. And today two more wasps were sprayed.

Apparently wasps are like hobo pirates, hopping to whatever place is available even if it reeks of wasp spray, death, and the sounds of people pointing and going "AAAAHHHH!!!!"

But the Spider photos are here at last.

It turns out what we had was a Tropical Orb Weaver. Native to Florida. But for some reason we got an extra-big one. Either way we kept it in a jar, took photos, let it free near the water tank fence, and took more photos. Then Jared took a photo of a different spider he found. A Longjaw. Small but crawly little buggers.

So, nathan's blog of gripe and grumple proudly presents, HORRORS OF THE ARACHNID VARIETY

the colorful underbelly of the spider

spider from above (and turned right)(and by right i mean left)

the spider's face. note the beady eyes which by some miracle of nature can see

here is the Longjaw spider
if you live in florida, you know what these are. because they are EVERYWHERE

and finally the orb weaver in its new home clinging under a chunk of fence

The reason these are called Orb Weavers, from what I can tell, is because they build their nests in a 'globe' shapes

It makes me sad that Bakugan Battle Brawlers made it to DVD and Chowder and Flapjack did not.

My friend RedManGhost (known in some circles as Red Mongoose) recently made a new track of music.
His own take on the old blues song, St.James Infirmary which has been sung by alot of musicians. Louis Armstrong, Calloway, etc.
You can hear his take on it here.
Red's always made lots of neat stuff. Last halloween he put out a compilation record of halloween music which even had a song by me on it.
He also made the remix of the Spooky Scary Skeletons song, which I turned into a cartoon which won me a tablet PC almost a year ago.
Every so often he sends me a track of whatever new concept album he is working on.

A few tracks of his stuff is also in Polypeptide (which I've gotten ALOT of done in the last few days). Now for the last couple of scenes in Polypeptide, I've decided that the music I WAS using isnt quite right in tone for what I was looking for. So I asked Red if he had any extra stuff laying around.
He sent me about 30 songs and mixes he had made. And each one was GODLY. Alot of them had odd samples from one of the first dubbed films ever translated and brought to the U.S.
Some of the dialogue in these passages are so odd, but almost allegoric in terms of the silly themes in Polypeptide. Its like fate he sent me these.

He has a little myspace page here where he keeps a very scant few of his songs.


As I said, I've had the last few days off. I've been animating like a madman on polypeptide.
And I'm going to work on it a bunch in a few hours here once I get some shut eye.


I had an idea the other day.
Why not just put a secret speaker somewhere on one's body. And then form a team of people to walk in a line.

And the song that blares from it can be "Theme of Luxury" by Fantastic Plastic Machine. And everyone just highsteps it down the road in tune with this song. Everyone must have sunglasses, afros, and ridiculous earrings as well. Yes.




Jerry Chan said...

you should do what Bear Grylls would do and eat the spider.

ray said...

did you get hired by weebl?

Anonymous said...


I'm wondering if you know the exact species of the spider with the colorful underbelly.