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Friday, October 10, 2008

the day I need a friend like you, I'll just have myself a little squat and shit one out

What ho!
I have received payment for the recent work I have done. And it is a great day. And its not just due to that I got paid but also that I made in error in judgment configuring my pay. My employer is from the UK and I had forgotten that they do not use dollars but pounds.

So it turns out, I am actually getting paid alot more than I thought.
Hoorah! My second payment will come in a few days.
I'll have some real money for once in my life. And a lot too. Well, alot for me anyway!
Which is good, as Sallie Mae are calling me 5-6 times a day now wondering where the monthly money I send them is.

Comic Con was several months ago, and my good friend (and great filmmaker) Hans van Harken went to meet a bunch of internet people.

And along the way he met some famous folk as well.

Here he is meeting Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, Jellyfist, Invader Zim, and other stuff. (hans is on the left)

And here Hans is meeting one of my favorite actor/comedian/nerds Seth Green.
Apparently Seth was just walking around outside with hardly anyone bothering him.


In news related to myselfs, I've been very busy as of late.
My new friend Max, needed some backrounds done for his new flash cartoon which hasnt been released yet.
I think some of the best vector art I've ever done is in the backgrounds of that cartoon. Maybe I'll post some after the film is finished.

For a completely different project:
I drew this old Ford Coupe bitten in half by a giant horse bird.

And the music video that me and my friend Gerkinman have been planning has officially gone underway. I cant say who the band is, but this video is going to be something special.
Here's some concept art designs I made. We're trying to go for a sort of Dead Leaves look to the shading but nowhere near as detailed.



I've been toying around with an idea as of late. Long ago I tried to make a book. A monster book of illustrations I had done in flash. Some of these were pretty neat. However, the book was meant to be a sort of satire on the usual 'monsters manual' but eventually....oh god i love insomniac olympics by blockhead so much this song is incredible...

...uh where was I. Anyway, I stopped using flash to do big detailed monster 'paintings' when I got my tablet PC and came to realize I was capable of marginally better things.
Thanks to places like the animation-road-show blog and other artist websites, I came to a realization.

It seems alot of artists put out art books. Cheeks, who designs for the spectacular spiderman has a book of art, Chris Sanders who made Lilo in Stitch has an art book out full of voluptuous women he sketches. Everyone seems to have them.
After flipping through alot of them I realized, they were full of, mostly, art that the artist had already showcased online for others to see.
With a handful of new things pieces so the book is not a ripoff.

Now of course, these professionals have their books professionally printed and blah blah blah.

So the idea I've been toying around with is this:
I have a Lulu account. I have dozens upon dozens of pieces and paintings and other various works. Including my physical works such as my watercolor paintings and weird portraits and stuff that I keep in my big black portfolio.

If I were to combine my better paintings WITH the unused art from this monster book, WITH pictures of my physical works WITH stuff that I havent shown to anyone (sketches and whatnot)....why, that would be quite a book.
And I could make the book for free using Lulu.
Then who has a professional art book? huh?
Me, that's who.

That would be so kewl.
Think of all the cool shenanigans I could get into with a professional-looking tome of my artworks!

"Excuse me sir. Why are you loitering in front of my bakery staring at the desserts?"
"Why....these...paintings....are pretty mediocre to ok."
"can I have a free donut?"
"no. fuck off."

"My child. Is thou here to repenteth a sin?"
"this is a church, my child"
"can I have a free baptism?"
"no. fuck off."

More klonoa wii footage linked to me by my co-worker Wonchop
Look at the bump-mapping. Beautiful. THIS is how remakes should be done.
This is quickly moving up next to Starcraft2 and Bioshock2 as the thing I wish to play most badly.

And on a final note, my friend Mike managed to find the secret trailer for The Power of the Dark Crystal. The sequel to the original Dark Crystal from 20 years ago.
Looks good to me.
Puppets on cgi backrounds.

Oh lord I need sleep.
Nice sleepy sheepy sleep.


today as I rummaged around the attic (because something died up there and is stinking up the place) I found two very interesting things.

A journal from the 1930's
and a photo album from 1978

I havent flipped through them much. They are both VERY old and rotted but are full of crazy photos. More on that next post.


Anonymous said...

Your King Dedede makes an AWESOME desktop background, thanks!!

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congrats on yer new job