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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ladays love the pontiff

Oftentimes in the mornings when I havent slept and my body refuses to sleep, I find myself looking around and thinking about what sort of way this day will off itself. Each day's beginning is like a temptation of fate. There are multiple branching paths. Some lead to mediocre days. Some lead to shit days. Some lead to great days.
I firmly am under the belief that different people have different paths. For example, its impossible for a hobo to have a great day. Unless he's a hobo on purpose, livin off the land in a forest somewhere. A hobo by choice. Building himself shelter out of twigs and the skins of small woodland vermin. Singing loud improvised folk tales loudly to himself and he and and the bears sit around the campfire, knitting tales of ages long past when nature was the only law of the land.
However at the same time, a hobo not by choice only has more hobo'ing and possible drinking to look forward to.
And that is why this morning I made Egg in a Basket for the first time in quite a while.

Something died in my roof 5 days ago.

As I stated in an earlier post, denizens of florida often have swarms of roof rats. Roof rats (roofimus rattitae) like to sit in attics, scurrying around at night. They dont do much up there other than sleep and poop.
Or in my case die.

And so, in the sweltering hot attic, a dead rat has been decomposing. So I installed one of those little GLADE things. You know those little futuristic energy pods that release a pleasant fart every few moments to make a room smell not like shit.


Apparently it works too well.

So now the house no longer smells like rotting rat, but instead each time I breath in, its like I'm snorting honey and vinegar.

Very annoying.

This however does not mean I am not working.

More concept art of the thing me and my friend Gerkinman are working on.

going for a Kamen Rider / Ultraman sort of dealio.

I hope the band likes how these look.

In somewhat other news,
I've posted multiple times here about the poetry book my friend mike and I are hoping to publish. I've been meaning to test LULU for a while. Well. The time came. Now originally I was worried. I made my Lulu account back in 2004 and back then, to make a book you had to shove everything into a pdf and submit it that way.
This is no longer the case. Now they have a little automated system where you simply upload files, and the site generates a PDF for you.
Unfortunately, you cant see how the book looks as a finished project. For example I can't tell whats on the left hand page and whats on the right. For a book of poetry thats going to have pictures opposite of the text, thats very important. And there is no way to know.

But luckily the test subject was not the poetry book.

The test subject was that art book idea I had in the last post.

And here it is, an over-expensive book. 30 pages of art, alot of which anyone who follows this blog has seen already. With a few old pieces I've never shown to anyone, a good handful of my hand-made art (marker works and such) and the remains of my defunct monsters manual of silliness.

anyway here it is


The bad part is that it costs 24 bucks. What a rip. I wouldnt buy it, tbh. Like I said its mostly old paintings I've posted to this blog with like 7-8 unseen things. You may be curious about those things. But not curious enough to fart away 24 bucks. Or at least I'd hope not.


A 30 page book costing that much (for being an indy book and not something by some amazing professional artist who can put out books bloating with gorgeous art and sell them at a high price (like Brom whom I love)), is highway robbery.
I'm trying to find a site where I can take this book and sell it for cheaper.

One of my good friends who is one of the last of the infamous Pic0nj0 crew who calls himself Mr.Fox showed me a site called


which is somehow affiliated with Amazon. Now they sell books for very cheap.
For example, that 30 page 24 dollar book up there would cost like 8-11 bucks on Create Space. And I was really gung ho for the thing. And then I read their contract.
And something seems fishy in the user agreement.

From what I've been able to deduce, you are charged a small fee for each thing you produce, which is slowly paid off by taking a percentage of profit. If you dont sell anything, you still owe them. What sort of bullshit is that?
And if you give them 40 bucks, you get to keep more profit from your book.

Maybe I read the pricing and user agreement wrong but that's what Create Space's contract sounds like.
So I didn't bother with the site.

So what I am in need of now is a third option.
My current 2 are

A.) attempt to make the poetry book using lulu's very limited user unfriendly system of pdf creation

B.) pay a bunch of money to CreateSpace for a book noone's going to want anyway.

So, if anyone out there has experience in this sort of thing (and by that I mean free self-publishing sites. i cant be spendin no cash on no printin presses. ya dig?) then please leave me a suggestion as to some other site I can try.

I would like to be able to make a simple book, how i want, for free, preferably online. I doubt I'd be able to pitch a poetry book full of weird art to anywhere that cares and not have it raped into something else entirely. And I dont like having to pitch things (a sign I will never get to television). I cant manke anything sound exciting or interesting.
My voice is like Ben Stein.

I asked this same question on newgrounds and only got back odd comments about people talking about the book itself.
So if anyone knows a way to make a book online without it ending up costing way too much, let me know.

And now I'm going to play the dramatic musical climax of the film the Good the Bad and the Ugly while I make myself some toast......DRAMATICALLY.

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Christian said...

Hey, I found your blog backtracking from sites that people have gone to from. I'd never see the backend of the internet, but one of my close friends programmed the connextproject site for me and showed me all the crazy stuff you can see, like for example who's clicking to a site. Feels a little like espionage to me, which i don't like, but at least it allows me to send you a message. I'm the organizer of connextproject and we're in the process of putting things together for the concert. i saw your animation and it's cool. if you'd like to send stuff to be part of it, write me at or I'm glad you liked the tv spots. my friend andy designed everything and we've tried to push it and do something different from the inside of corporate america ;)...either i'll get fired or promoted...we'll see what happens. anyway, keep up the awesome artwork, you're better than you give yourself credit for and it would be really nice to show something of yours at who does your music? take care, christian