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Thursday, January 29, 2009

If you're looking to go on a glorious quest, there's a man there who knows of an old treasure chest

It has finally warmed up.

Like some sort of miracle.

You know its cold in florida when there is frost and snow on everything.

Every morning I'd get up and SCRAPE the snow and ice off the car. And it got so cold (apparently the coldest its been here in decades) that I actually managed to make 4 snowballs. I threw them at mailboxes and powerlines in the wee hours of the morning.

Luckily it has suddenly warmed up for no reason whatsoever and it's actually pleasant outside again.

I have had the last 4 days off which I've spent eating at taco bell and hanging out with Mike. And working on the thing with Gerkinman.

Which reminds me, Gerkinman has returned from the dead mysteriously. It took him like 2 months to get the internet in his new place in Sydney, but he's officially back again.
Which is good because now we can finish this massive project.

Speaking of said project, another screenie.

yes that's a parody of an EVA

In other news, Valve made being the Spy much easier today.
Hooray. Although I am sure I will still suck at being a spy.


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