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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

crazy old maurice


Busy busy busy.

Busy as a bee on steroids.
Busy to the point where I havent been able to work on polypeptide in weeks.
Basically I have been commissioned to animate 5 episodes of weebl and bob for the cadbury cream egg people. Finished episode numero uno today and sent it off to Weebl. Already got the script for film 2.

At the same time, the Basics sent Gerkinman the final cut of their new single that we are doing the video to. It sounds godly.

The fair is in town. And it was Erica's birthday. So me, mike, and her all went to the fair. The fair is a fascinating place. Where all the people of Florida come together to walk around large steaming stands full of sausage, fried dough, and lemonade. Some will split off and go to the hazardous and worn out theme park rides that dot the area. Others will go to the home shows to see the newest in innovative home technologies, or to watch people in overalls chase livestock around an arena.

I actually hit a milestone the other day. A milestone in terms of my 'quality of life'
Things have been going well as of late. Decent hours at work. Great pay at my new animation second job. So I went to Circuit City, whom are closing down and have slashed prices of everything in half and treated myself to a little somethin somethin. The second final fantasy tactics game. A2.
Its quite alot more complex than the original. Which I like. And the missions dont all boil down to 'kill everything on the screen'

I also saw Coraline on the day it opened. Man all the waiting and tantalizing screenshots and checking Gaiman's blog for news was so totally worth it. What a beautiful animated film. Spirited Away is the only thing I can really think to compare it to.
I think its the best hand-crafted animation ever put on film. And the music, oh god the music.

And finally this:

for an art project on bomtoons website.
an art worm
now with an actual worm in it
I'm actually really happy with how the lighting in this one came out. i guess this is what happens when you dont draw anything for a month.

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