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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nothing but a guy with a pipe and a grin. A pipe and a grin.

First things first, a new episode of the goovies is up. You can view of it either here or here.
Thats 4 out of 5 done. Only one more to go, thank the lord. These things are wrecking me. And on top of that I have to finish this music video in the next few days. It is crunch time.
Munch time.
Brunch time.

Things I have learned this week:

1.) stingrays eat by inhaling food up into their grotesque suction cup mouths. I know this because I fed several of them with my hand.

2.) bees and wasps will ignore you if you get right up in their face with a camera.

3.) there is a god

4.) and he has forsaken us

5.) salmon and tuna are nowhere near as hard to grill as old sitcoms seem to make it look

6.) Link from zelda now has his own train that he drives. it has a cannon.

7.) the engineer really needs an update. even scouts can take out a sentry now. you need at least 3 engies to be effective in any way.

8.)animating a character taking his helmet off is strangely really hard to do

9.) My friend RedMongoose finished his new album forever train. and its freaking magnificent.

Anyway before I sign off to get back to work, a few more shots of the nearly-complete music video for The Basics.

its getting rather intense with the monsters and the smashings and the OH LADYYYY glaiven

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Mark said...

ur the very first person to ever link back to how did you hear about it?