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Friday, March 20, 2009

somebody put me inside it one day. i know who it is. but he won't let me say.

so though i might like it for one afternoon
i dont wanna live on the moon

My busyness is coming to an end.
I finished the latest weebl and bob movie parody for my employer and he didnt even want me to edit or fix anything! How rad is that? I feel awesome. Like I could do a backflip and explode a car with my foot.
I wont of course, as doing a backflip with my weight will most likely cause me to shatter my spinal cord and by a horrible death next to an unexploded car as bits of my large intestine spilling out of my mouth and nostrils into the puddle of blood under my crushed body.

your hearts a mess
you wont admit to it
it makes no sense
but i'm desperate to connect
and you, can't live like this

with the new weebl toon in the can, i can focus on the gerkin thing again. it has to be done before the month is over. and you know what, i think we can freakin do it. i am almost done with my parts.
tomorrow i get to animate lighting. lightning and lasers being perhaps my favorite things to animate.
yes i will enjoy this. alot.
soon i will be free to work on polypeptide. 2 years now, i have had that thing in my tablet pc. slowly nearing completion. i cant wait to work on it again. to complete it finally. it will be GLORIOUS.

speaking of glorious, season 3 of the new transformers cartoon began with a movie the other day called transwarped. holy shit. talk about a jump up in quality. and storytelling. and violent. they even killed off one of the best characters in the show in a horrific trap set up by one of the show's most subtle but brilliant villains.
it just makes me even more annoyed that the show is cancelled. its like the only action cartoon on tv right now (next to the camptastic new batman and spiderman show) where the main character isnt an obnoxious cocky prick.

here is a screenshot of the big project me and gerkin are doing which very soon now, will be done.

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Jacob Breck said...

Thats fantastic zekey, glad to know things are being less gay