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Thursday, April 02, 2009

That's the smell of desire, my lady.

With free time on my hands and in my mouth dripping down my chin, I now have to fill this empty space with things to do.

These things will include, for one, finally beating De Blob on the wii because I had to take a break to get all that work done. Finishing polypeptide because I've been dicking around with it for two years now. People make whole movies in two years. Sometimes less. Look at Xmen 3. LOOK AT IT DONT AVERT YOUR EYES FROM THE TERROR.
the time has come to work on me and mike's poetry book. My friend hans will be publishing it via his ODD COMICS label. Which means painting and drawing must be done.

Which is fine because I havent painted or drawn anything for the hell of it in forever.

And because of that I have started tonight by drawing a garish and dumb version of the characters from the wizard of oz. I was going to draw the glass people and the witch but i am so very tired.

yes dorothy is wearing a hat shaped like a bird
no i dont know why stop asking me go away :C

in other news the horrid growth on my leg is slowly going away now that i am regularly applying creams to it.

although i'm sure once i'm out of cream it will go right back to being the hideous scab covered brown thing its always been

isnt that lovely? i cant wait for it to kill me!

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Dominic Philibert said...

great work!!!!!!