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Sunday, April 05, 2009

an old blue scot called Dill

Guess whats back? Back again? Fleas are back. Tell a friend. Fleas are back. In my house. I hate fleas. Fuck my porch.

I think they are just hatching though as there arent too many of them. Either way the time has come to call the exterminator to gas the living stage-diving christ out of the hairy little bastards before it becomes impossible to live in my own house again. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR.


not much else has happened
The Basics apparently loved the music video. So tonight I added the finishing touches to it aka adding lots of kanji in the action scenes.

also the final weebl and bob cartoon I put together is out. bloop.

I have been hard at work on polypeptide.
Here are some screenshots.

also the other night i tried drawing a "pretty" girl.
I was pretty proud of it then and even went so far to give it a theme and enter it on a contest for pin-ups on newgrounds.
A day has passed and I can't fucking stand looking at it, but here it is anyway.


and now i'm going to play team fortress and eat some sandviches.

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