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Friday, April 24, 2009

What is mountains? A mountains has no special shapes or sound!

busy busy busy

busy busy bee

for starters been working on Arthropod the game me and Billy Monks were working on months ago before two huge projects landed in my lap.

Heres some screens of what the 2nd boss looks like. It has alot of other forms other than these that were finished after this pic was made. Its a very complex boss.

secondly I had to put together a new episode of weebl and bob.
it just got put up about an hour ago. voila.

And on top of all that, more work has been done on Polypeptide.

An old friend contacted me so I might have more more paid work coming down the tubes.

Mentally-Detached contacted me as well, so he is still alive and making music.

Gerkinman is meeting with the band at some gig they are playing. Apparently like a brother will be playing at some point on tv in Australia and the band are going to try to get it on VH1 as well. :O

Yet despite all this chaos, things remain very calm and quiet here. No real life catastrophes as of late. My neighbors removed a massive oak tree from their yard. Its funny because I have seen that tree on my way out every day for a decade now and totally didnt notice they'd removed the enormous thing until my brother pointed it out to me. Which was several days ago apparently.

Tonight Mike and I went to Ybor (because its thursday and the place i busy but not overcrowded on thursdays) and dined at a place I have come to love.
It's called Mema's Alaskan Tacos.

It sits nestled comfortably in the darkness to the right of the gameworks at Ybor.
They serve fish tacos. And they are damned delicious. I had read about them in a magazine and never found them and then one night entirely by accident Mike and I happened upon them, slinked inside, and devoured foods.

The place reminds me of Tijuana Flats. Homemade food with fresh ingrediants. Laid back. Lots of weird shit on the walls. Business cards and fliers and local newspapers all over the place.

But I have come to like Mema's because they have mixed Tex-Mex with seafood. I usually get the shrimp taco AND....and there are so few places that serve this particular animal I am about to name despite it being DELICIOUS...these guys have alligator.
Yes. Alligator tacos. And it is salty and greasy and great. They also have lovely beer.

Either way, now me and my friends have a new place to dine that isnt just the Big Mouth Burgers or the cuban sandwich place or the place with the fat pieces of pizza.
And it gives us another reason to go to Ybor other than the Castle and cigars.

And now to finish my mug of tea and sleep. Or maybe watch speed racer again. One of the two.

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RUTHIE P said...

mmm fish tacos... the food kind, not the "other" kind...

oh and uh yeah i didn't realize this linked to my blog for school... but it's cool, cause i get class credit for writing about crap like cheese.