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Sunday, April 19, 2009

made with 10% more love than the next leading brand

first things first, for the first time in a long time Yahoo has decided to report on an actual news story as opposed to a new flavor-of-the-month column about video game controversies and lolcats.

bada bing. remember to drink straight from the faucet kids. It gots electrolytes.


In my quest to find a new art website a friend of mine from an irc channel was most helpful. She showed me a site called Artician.
The place must have been around for a while as some members have been there since 06. Its very easy to customize a page and upload and categorize things.
I like it alot.

So I of course made myself an account and uploaded every painting I've done that I still give a shit about.


here is my new art page thing

Also micheal bay put up a small piece of Transformers 2 on Vimeo. It was incredible badass. But everyone linked to it and so he tried to remove it from the internet. But now its been uploaded to every possible media site known to mankind. Irony?

As I have said in a million billion amelia bedilia previous blog posts, I am still hard at work on polypeptide.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
not a perfect run cycle by any means but far too cute to not use



things are coming along swimmingly
quite swimmingly indeed.

in other news the video rental company I work for is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Not because of online renting or other things people are assuming hurt them, but from the fact the HR and district managers all seem to be morons.
so there's a fair to likely the chance the company will be dead before the year is over.
So likely I will be out of a job.
This marks an interesting turning point in my life. Do I pursue yet another minimum wage mcjob where I get to deal with rude pompous spoiled customers OR do I try to eek out a living entirely with the internet?

The former most likely. Online work doesnt come nearly often enough to live off it. But perhaps one day.

Anyway with the company dying a most pious death, theres alot of nice things on clearance so I snatched myself WarioLand Shake It and BoomBlox for about 20 bucks. And what a wonderful purchase they were. Both are quite fun.

blah blah blah




ray said...

cool run cycle hansel

Pinao212 said...

So is polypeptide going to show an evolution of your animation and art skills since you've been working on it so long? That'd actually be pretty cool I think.

ZSL said...