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Thursday, May 14, 2009

In the name of progress, the name of madness

I've been lucky enough to see 2 excellent films lately. The first was Star Trek which was easily better than all the Star Wars prequels, and while it did wreck the canon of the series, it also took place in an ALTERNATE TIMELINE. Oh Abrams, you brilliant bastard. Everyone was perfectly cast. If there's any negative I can give its that the villain didnt get to say much and the movie seemed short. I wanted MORE. But with how well it's doing at the theater I reckon I will soon receive more.

I know it wont happen but I'd love to see a Voyager movie.
I know its not AS beloved as some of the other series but it was on for a long time and had ALOT of excellent episodes. And it was far better than Deep Space 9 and a fuckton superior to "Enterprise" Poor Scott Bakula

Oh Janeway. I'd let her pilot my starship any day. :)


The other film is something I got from work. A film I'd been looking to for rather a long time when I heard news coming down the pipeline that it was excellent (especially for an independent horror film) and after my friend Ryan LeRat showed me some clips.


Holy shit. This movie was awesome. Normally these days when Horror Films come out they fall into 4 categories:

A.) horrible remake that misses the point of the original. usually has more explosions and a ham-handed reference to the original to satiate angry fans all of whom will pay money to see the film that they will hate anyway. (one missed call, quarantine, the eye etc)

B.) Cheap ripoff of a better film. A company called The Asylum are usually to blame. Lionsgate as well for funding alot of these. These films take a concept another movie did better and make a shit version. i.e. the butterfly effect becomes "the moth effect" and is about a stripper haunted by a rubber puppet creature.

C.) Big Budget clusterfuck. Those rare horror films that not only make it to theaters, but also had alot of money for special effects. Sadly these films never have decent scripts and become summer blockbusters with "a thing popped out at you" scares the likes of which grow old quite fast. A Haunting in Connecticut, The Unborn, Final Destination

D.) gore film. shocking to some. but anyone who's been on the internet more than a year will probably be unaffected. the SAW franchise (the first 3 anyway) managed to take this concept and marry it to a somewhat interesting plot. hostel managed to take this concept and marry it to a horrifying story of things that actually do happen in other countries. but theres plenty of movies that pop out these days that just throw some dye and gelatin around the screen. sadly alot of indy horror flicks try to do this with LOLTASTIC results.

I can usually tell which is which simply from the cover.
If the cover features: lens flare, sloppy photoshopping, alot of brown tinting on everything but the actors
then congrats. you have grabbed a terrible movie.

Either way, Midnight Meat Train was none of these.
Midnight Meat Train married a fantastically spooky game of cat and mouse with Roger Bart (a photographer) stalking a silent serial killer and meat butcher (Vinnie Jones) and some of the most horrific murder scenes I've seen outside of a snuff film. Some GRISLY stuff. But it's necessary because Vinnie has to strip the "meat" of its nonessential.
He's a cold unfeeling monster who SLAMS PEOPLE IN THE HEAD with a huge meat tenderizer in the dead of night on a subway train.

Roger Bart also does a wonderful job as the skittish but brave photographer who artfully follows Vinnie around spying on him, while simultaneously going a bit crazy.

Damn good film.


Onto a wholly different subject. It's been a long time since a good MONSTER HUNTER game came out. And when I heard it was coming out on the wii the first thing I thought was "oh lord they are going to dumb this series down so newcomers can get the hang of it easier and they wont bother to make it look nice at all like most wii developers do."

Monster Hunter 3 Trailer

Holy hell. LOOK at that. It actually frustrates me a wii game can look this nice, from a graphical standpoint. Reflections, motion blur, rim lighting, bump and texture mapping. characters made of more than 100 polygons. This game looks like what the last Zelda wanted to be.
Argh I wish more developers did this. BLAH. Everything is so polarized now.

Speakin of games the new KLONOA remake is out. I looooooove Klonoa games.

Work continues on Polypeptide. I spent most of today animating black blood glopping down a hand.

Anyway yet another screenshot from this film. My 30th screenshot thus far. sheesh.


whoa i totally forgot

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and because this post is ending in a blatant advertisement for my crap, i'm going to RUN THE FULL GAUNTLET TRIFECTA and post this thingy

and that is the end of the post my nipple itches


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